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Looking To Do Some Trading....


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Hey guys! :D


I'll make this short and sweet...


I have cards and packs, and I need cards... Now let's do some trading :D




Packs: 0 Packs Remaining For The Time Being...




Notable Pokemon:


Feraligatr Prime ----- 2.0 Value


Vanniluxe (NV) ----- 1.0 Value


Electrode Prime ----- 2.0 Value


Musharna (ND) ----- 1.0 Value


Zoroark FP (BW) ----- 2.0 Value


Magnezone Prime ----- 7.0 Value


Looking For:



Mew Prime 1x ----- 3.5 Value --- Next Most Important


Pkmn Collector 3x ----- 2.0 Value --- Most Important


Rare Candy 2x ----- 2.5 Value --- Not As Important


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@ toolate, I'm thinking I may not need more Candy for this deck than I already have... gonna test it out a bit and if I do need them I'll get back to ya..


@asthmatic, Sorry but the lowest I can go is 6 unless you can throw in something else with the 5 packs... Let me know something :)


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Sure that sounds fair, if you want to keep the Moltres and CFF Lapras it won't hurt the trade, I have more than I need already :P


Zone should be in my binder, if it's possible 3 TM and 2 ND packs would be nice :)


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Woops shoulda specified.. It's the BW one, not the shiny :(





Oh Poop :( im trying to make a shiny zoroark/hydreigon deck too but im conectrating on my icecreamcone first XD,, btw you using that totodile coin XD its cool isnt it XD


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What else do you need to finish the IceCreamCone deck? And yeah I've been using little toto since the day you gave it to me :D It's ma lucky coin ^_^


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