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LF HGSS foil grass energies


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Of course I'm looking for Col green foil energies. I wrote the wrong series.


I've many foil:


I give you 2 not rare foils for every hgss green foil energie.


I also give you 1 nd pack for 2 hgss grass shining energie.


here's my foil list:






2 foongus nd


2 kricketot nd


kricketune nd


pansage nd


arcanine "crunch" nd


basculine nd


frillish nd


panpour nd


stariy nd


starmie nd


vanillish nd


luxio "jump on" nd


luxio "qiuck turn" nd


hippopotas nd


mienshao nd


scraggy nd


2 sneasel nd


aggron tm


audino ep


2 pidove nd


2 jgglipuff nd


3 lampent nd


copycat hgss


copycat col


flowershop lady und


max potion ep


life erb unl


seeker tm


switch hgss


2 twins rm.












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