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FA tornadus


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im trading away my full art tornadus: post what you would trade me for it please.







Any two of these rares for it.




vanilluxe (1 foil in stock)


pinsir (1 in stock)


zapdos (1 in stock)


beeheyem (1 in stock)


luxuray (1 in stock)


arcanine (1 in stock)


articuno (1 foil in stock)


jellicent (2 in stock/ 1 foil)


bearctic (1 in stock foil)


weavile (2 in stock /1 foil)


wigglytuff (2 in stock)


shiftry (1 in stock foil)






klinklang non ability (1 in stock)


gothietlle non ability (1 in stock)


mandibuzz (1 in stock)




Roserade (1 in stock)


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