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You awaken after a long journey from your homeland. You find yourself in a small area unknown to you. Shortly after your arrival, you encounter a creature that you for some reason seem comfortable with. After interacting with the creature, suddenly a professor runs into you.


Ah, ha! Another person comes and finds their mate. I see you like it very much and it seems to like you as well! I am Professor Maple/Fir/Cedar. I research Pokémon Waves and the connections between trainers and their Pokémon. Several who come to this region want to discover what type of Wave they have, or they come to just meet their partner. When they do come, they come to my house, or to my university, to learn of these connections. My house is over there (pointing to the southwest part of the village). It’s fair and it is able to keep my lab, so I find it suitable to my cause. Anyway, back to you, my friend.



Blatantly, a connection is between you two. A strong one, I must say so myself! These connections are rare on your first encounter, but it seems you have gotten lucky! Now, you may be asking yourself: “What is a Pokémon Wave? What does it have to do with the bonding that my Pokémon and I have?” Well, it has much to do with it! A Pokémon Wave is how close a Pokémon feels toward another object; it can be a Pokémon, a trainer, a living thing, or an inanimate object. They are emitted from the brain whenever it receives a stimulus. (Now, as a more in depth explanation, white matter within the Pokémon’s brain is what sends signals to gray matter regions. When this is done to the grey matter region that controls emotions, that region also lets out an electromagnetic wave. This wave is then retrieved by our monitors called Pokéters.) (A Pokéter is a small, radio-like device. It retrieves signals from any surrounding Pokémon within a 5-meter range. On the machine, a list appears with the list of Pokemon in range.) These waves allow us to know whether or not an object or living thing is suitable for it. For example, if I were to have an apple and gave it to my Raticate, then it would probably like it since it is its favorite food. Then, it would probably like me more as well, though this reaction may not be seen. This reaction, although not seen physically, can be seen on the Pokéters.


There are five colors of Waves:


Lighter Red: Despise; Dislike, Not content; or Unsuitable


Blue: Okay; Fine; So-so; Medium; or Neutral


Darker Red: Love; Enjoy; Like; Content; or Suitable


f it fluctuates between green and yellow, then Nervous; Worry; Anxious)


Green: Trickery; Greedy; Desiring; Wanting; or Needing


Now, these waves do tell us that, but they also serve another purpose to a trainer who develops a strong enough bond with a Pokémon. Once the wavelength between you two is a color like this (color), then you are at the level where your bond is extremely close. You two are nearly one being in mind. When this happens, you may even be able to use some of your Pokémon’s moves, allowing you to double up with your partner Pokémon for battle!


A trainer can now use his or her Pokémon’s moves! Amazing, correct? Though, everything has a yin and yang. In this case, the yang is when organizations use this ability to their advantage. An organization Regalus has recently started to use artificial bonding called, “Lock-and-key.” This “Lock-and-key” bonding allows anybody to bond with another Pokémon by inserting the “key”, or a rod, into the brain of the Pokémon and erasing the Pokémon’s memories through deletion. Then, the organization replaces the parts deleted with the command to “love” the person. Though it is fake bonding, the Pokémon does not know so, and “loves” the person unconditionally. Afterwards, the command is “locked” into place. (The full process has not been told as it is classified information.)


A sad and pitiful thing is done to such wonderful creatures. Well, I guess some people are very unstable in the brain area, clearly. If you decide to save these creatures, then it’d be most appreciated.


… Ah! I forgot! I must hand you one of the Pokéters before I take my leave! *Hands you the machine* I shall be taking my leave. Goodbye!


(Post Velino at the end of your Form so that I know you have read at least this.)


(Made by Daykora75. If anybody else posted this somewhere, then he or she has taken my work.)</sub></sup>


There are three main areas in this region called Eolus:




Name: Olucia


Capital: Renu City


Other main areas: Holou Village; Wailord Park (A city; its name has not been changed since its development); Jocobo Town


Description: Olucia is fairly a modern region, with modern technology including cell phones and computers and up-to-date Pokémon Centers (including Poke Marts). At the center of Olucia, is Renu City, a city filled with people that are lawyers, entrepreneurs, stand owners, artists, musicians, and government workers (police, firemen, doctors). Renu City has several stands owned by individuals, with the most popular being Ready, Set, Reun! (A small, bake shop that has a small machine called "Motbike," that is how the stand got its name, originally called Sol O' Sisly) The region has the annual fair called Makot Festival, where all come to watch fireworks, play stand games, ride attractions, and enjoy being with friends and family. It is commonly known for its ability to bring couples together. Olucia also has the monthly concert where musicians come to play in the Krick Auditorium. A rumor spread around Olucia is that at Krick Auditorium, a maiden is said to have been seen. It appears to be Meloetta, but many say it is just a ballerina dancer. Professor Maple is a female, Pokémon professor and is the professor of this region.




Name: Holatri


Capital: Ghrand City


Other main areas: East Ghrand City, Yulu Town, Vinizo Forest, Molu Mountain


Description: Holatri is mostly a region of fertile landscape, where most are farmers, herders, or cattle ranchers. Some few work and live in Ghrand City, but most work in the outskirts of the capital. Those that do live in the city usually are people who are just taking a vacation. Grassland fills the regions not covered by the Vinizo Forest, with the occasional valley or plateau. Molu Mountain is near the edge of Holatri, but is common for tourists to go to this enormous spectacle of a mountain. Mostly Machop, Mienfoo, Meditite, and their evolutions live around there for meditation with the monks. The temple of meditation is called Fentaong Temple. At Fentaong Temple, a legend is talked about. Supposedly, Regigigas lives under the temple and causes the common, minor earthquakes around the area (not felt, but known by seismologists). Professor Fir is the professor of Holatri, and he researches Pokémon waves.




Name: Greland


Capital: Musi City


Other main areas: Gru Village, Hantu’s Hut, Ludicolo Pond, Shrine of the Forbidden Sound


Description: Filled to the brim with trees, flowers, and rocks, Greland is not very suitable for most wanderers. Only those brought here are usually welcome because they are brought to the safe-haven called Musi City, where commerce is lively since it is connected to every city. Musi City has flower shops, a ferris wheel, sea ports, game centers, Wi-Fi connection, several stands, a gymnasium, a subway that leads from Musi to Ghrand, and then Renu. Gru Village, just outside of Musi City, is a small area where people who are not accustomed to city life, or being a merchant, are welcomed to stay. Those who live in Gru Village enjoy going to places including Hantu’s Hut (a small bathhouse run by a man named Hantu; it has a hot spring as well) and Ludicolo Pond (where a rushing waterfall comes down and a beautiful rainbow appears). The Shrine of the Forbidden Sound, way behind Gru Village, is an unusual stone that seems to have been an edifice or possibly an object used for summoning a being by music. It is said in legend that a musically talented being will come and summon the being, supposedly Celebi. Professor Cedar is the professor of Greland, and he researches Pokémon waves. He also sometimes is seen working at Hantu’s Hut or relaxing in the bathhouse.




(In this adventure, you may choose to: have your own journey and meet up with somebody else who does a solo journey; do the "Shrine of the Forbidden Sound Quest", do the "Krick Auditorium Quest", do the "Fentaong Temple Quest", and/or follow the plot with me. Please post at the top of all of your posts ("S" for solo, “Q” for quest, or "P" for plot) so I know and others know either to skip what you read or read it.)








Screen Name:


Character’s Name:


Picture or Written Description (If you are doing a picture, please post any differentiations from your character. If you are doing a Written Description, post details.):






Partner Pokémon (Only one) :


(Name); (Nickname is optional)


(Move set)


Journey (Solo, Quest, or Plot):


RP Sample:




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I think it is a great Idea, and would work well, as many people can do different things. I think that even with it's limitaions, it is overall very well-executed


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Yeah, it certainly does have its limitations :P, but I don't want people going nuts, possible flying to Unova or some place or making up random festivities that then others don't know about. If people think of more, I might add them so that those who are solo have something more to do, but that's really it... The beginning part is just an intro. You'll start after you have met the Professor. I'm probably going to just have the RPers call the Professor Prof./Professor because he/she's not important save for the information. Anyway, thanks! I hope I can post it over summer so we can start it.


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@Lit, yeah. I'm reconsidering Feb break now.... I am busy with life and need to make sure I do that before doing things of my liking. I'm officially going to post it in the summer.


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(... don't read this... unless you really want to go through like 2 paragraphs of writing that is mostly for myself.)




It can be. I hope it will be, lol. I'm probably going to wait for others opinions, because right now I only have yours and Kat's. I'd like to have it checked by people like Victory Hunter or Admin to see any flaws because I feel that they are ... high ranking? If that makes any sense. ... The only problem I see is this: Solo. I am going to edit it so that people understand what it actually means (people going away from the plot and meeting up with each other). Otherwise, people will just spam post their story, ruining the thread. Another problem I see is people not joining because it is confusing. I may have to make 3 threads so that those who do Solo are on the Solo thread and don't have to post "S" at the top, or "Q" for the Quest thread. I find it easier for the sake of the RPers. I'll, of course, then make 3 sign up threads. I just hope the Mods don't get angry. What I want to happen is ... sorry for the long message... anyway:


  • 3 Threads
  • 3 Sign Up Threads (which on the threads I will post to save your information so that the Mods can delete the Sign Up threads. Otherwise it would take up too much space.)
  • Dedicated RPers (meaning they will post when they are on. I know people can't post every day. Though, I don't want them to come and then disappear, or come and show up once every week. At least 4 times a week. That allows people to go to mass, go to the mall, or whatever. I will allow others to post in their absence so that then those who are on can play.)

Anyway, hopefully more people can be on and hopefully it will all turn out well :)


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Well, you do realize if I post it now, the thing will end pretty quickly? I can't be on as much as I would in June and barely anybody is on now (Only you, fin, kat, I and those who either don't RP or are bad at it... (me included). The entire RP would be done within the February Break: People sign up; everybody is happy; we start; people get busy and don't come on as much as they would have done so in June; and the RP ends. Though you may come on after school or whatever, I and many others cannot because we have things to do. Summer is less scheduled and has more free time. People still do things, but have less restrictions on when they can be on. I know you want to be able to RP and that you like this RP, but I want people who want to do this RP be able to also.


Anyway, I, thinking about it, actually realize the S, Q, and P thing will work, though hopefully it won't be too crowded. If I am lucky, I'll ask the Mods and they'll agree to letting me post 3 threads, but if not then I'll just do my original plan.


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hey the idea sounds great! Ill sign up later though.


OH and about starting in june. Lits right, the fan fic would go downhill. Trust me i know. you have to be really committed if you want it to be a success. I had a pokemon manga thread that i posted in september. Everyone signed up and i still don't have the 1st chapter up. now theres only like 5 people left who still know about my manga.


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... Well, okay. I can't center things around one person, you know. Here's the truth: Life is unfair.


If you can't be on, then that's that. I'm not going to post my RP on here when it is suitable for you. I want it to be suitable for the general public. The general public is able to be on during the summer mostly, so that's when I'm posting it. That's that. I know this probably could be worded differently, but you have to understand that I can't change when I'm posting my RP based on one person's wants.


AND, the idea that you posted that "if you post an idea in February, and post the actual thing in June, things will really go downhill" really irritates me after what you just said. It sounds like you are just trying to convince me to post it now, with half-goosed excuses. I don't want to be this way, but I am very angry at how you are acting right now.


Also, @frank, ... I AM committed. lol at the I AM part... nobody will get it. Anyway, if I can't do it because I feel pressured, I'll have to give up the idea to somebody able to do so. I'll decide that in the summer. I am committed, going back to the beginning, but guess what: I have to prioritize. RPing is fun, but other things may have to come first. That is why I MAY have to give this up to somebody... sadly... Again, MAY, not I will. It all depends on how busy I am. I might be busy. I might not.


Anyway, hopefully I won't have to and hopefully it will all turn out well. Again, life is unfair sometimes.




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If my opinion is of any import (and, based on your previous posts, I believe it is), I am taking Day's side in this. I think, Lit, you are wrong in rushing him (I know that was probably not your intent, but that's what happened). This is a complicated, detailed RP idea, and if Day isn't ready to commit himself to this right now, then he shouldn't. I certainly wouldn't want to see all of this work get wasted and for the RP to die.




I don't understand why you guys think that "things will go downhill" if Day doesn't start this now. Sure, people might forget about this, but if he posts the full RP in the summer, no one will think less of him because of that. In fact, people might be more eager to join. More people might sign up, because the idea has been circulating for longer and more people can learn about this RP. In any case, I don't see how it would send things "downhill".


Lit, I honestly know where you're coming from. I'm hardly ever on, and it pains me that I have to miss so many RPs because of that. But, the majority of people have more time in the summer to focus on an RP. It doesn't seem fair to deny most people just because your schedule doesn't fit. I'm sorry, but I'm sure you understand.


This is probably just me rambling now. So:


tl;dr I think we should let Day make his own decision with this, and we shouldn't get pouty or rude. I don't want to start an argument.


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No don't give up that fast. Ok i thought this was a fanfic. lol If its a roleplay then i don't think it should be much of a problem because in a fanfic or manga your the one writing it, while in a roleplay, everyone pitches in. well....at least i think thats how it works. I never been in a roleplay before. Well anyways good luck. i believe you can do it, regardless of how busy you are. And I KNOW busy, im in the I.B program so i never get a break x_x lol


ok final thought- start when you can, like in the summer. V. Hunter is right. Don't feel rushed. Thats what milkshake told me on my manga thread. Sorry if i made you feel rushed


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I'm with you Victory, I wasn't being pouty or Rude, or at least Trying not to be Pouty or Rude. I was just pointing out something. Sorry if you thought of it this way, and I wasn't intended to Rush Him. I'm just use to, back on Neopets, Role Pays be just a Fun thing for people to do. As they say. "Different Strokes for Different Blokes". I really wish I could be a bit more Free in the Summer...


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I know, Lit: sorry I made it sound so accusing. I just didn't want this to turn into a fight. I'm like a wannabe peace-keeper :D




Anyway, I'm glad we're all in (more or less) agreement.


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