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Trading Mewtwo EX, as well as other rare cards, take a look!


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Looking for:


-Raichu Prime x2










Absol Prime x2


Feraligatr Prime x3


Hydregion x2 (one holo)


Lucario ND x5 (3 holo)


Fliptini FA x2


Burning Mane Arcanine x4


Sunflora x3


Darkrai/Cresselia LEGEND (bottom)


Mewtwo EX


Luxray x3 (one holo)


Cincinno x3


Kyurem x2


Sheertic x2


Gardevoir x3


Double Colorless x6


Prism Energy x3


Zapdos x4


Moltres x3




Alph Lithograph *prizes*


Reshiram ND


Zekrom ND


DarMAXitan x3


DarMAXitan holo x2


Cilan (lots)


Level Ball (lots)


Heavy Ball (lots)




-NOT likely to trade, but can offer anyways-


Zekrom EX x2


Zekrom EX Full Art


Rare Candy x2


Catcher x2


Collector x4 (I'd trade one but the other 3 are needed)


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How about 8 ND packs, 2 Raichu Prime and a FA Thundurus for your Mewtwo?


Edit: That's actually a little steep on my behalf, sorry lol. Got 3 random packs from other sets to sweeten the deal, or perhaps there are a few more cards that you're interested in? :P


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