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ALL EXs and Most Wanted Cards for Packs


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Here there all my cards for trade for packs


3x Reshiram EX(5 Packs)


3x Reshiram EX FA(6.5 Packs)


3x Zekrom EX(6.5 packs)


3x Zekrom EX FA(8 packs)


4x Regigas EX(4.5 packs)


3x Regigas EX FA(6 packs)


3x Shaymin EX(4 packs)


1x Shaymin EX FA(5 packs)


1x Kyurem EX(4 packs)


1x Kyurem EX FA(5 packs)


1x Mewtwo EX FA(20 packs)


6x Catcher(3 packs)


6x Rare Candy(2.5 packs)


4x Collector(2 packs)


5x Vileplume(3 packs)


4x Electrode Prime(3 packs)


5x Celebi Prime(3 packs)


2x Tornadus(2 packs)


2x Tornadus FA(3 packs)


2x Cobalion NV(2 packs)


1x Cobalion FA(3 packs)


6x Kyurem NV(3.5 packs)


3x Shaymin(4 packs)


5x Emboar Abilty(2 packs)


I have All other cards just ask


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Sorry,Hoss.No packs here.I think everyones about used up all their packs.And im sure those that have just joined in the last couple weeks can't afford.I was talking with Shadow Machine earlier today.And he and I both agree that card prices


or in this case-Card exchange rates,pack rates,ect.,have gotten way outta control.Just F.Y.I>Just something to think about-And talk with others about.You make ur own conclusions.And dont belittle the small guys on their offers.Because I see u and others trying to manipulate the new players.Ive seen u and others make deals that would be considered bad as well-but work in ur favor.


Think on it for awhile.No reply needed.You will do what u want in the long run.But think about Honnor as well.??




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