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My cards for trade


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Seeing as public trade offers are mostly bad deals, I decide that I would let everyone know what cards I have for trade :)


There are some things to note:


  • Cards are sorted by set, card number
  • You may reserve cards for a short period of time
  • I prefer being paid with packs, just as anyone else :)
  • Paying with ND packs will reduce your cost by 1 if you buy cards with a total value of 5 or more
  • Paying with other packs will reduce your cost by 1 if you buy cards with a total value of 7.5 or more
  • If the total value of the cards you want is over 15 it is reduced by 2



Seedot x4


Kricketot x1


Pansage x3


Foongus x7


Growlithe (Stoke) x5


Growlithe (Combustion) x7


Arcanine (Heat Blast) x2


Pansear x5


Darumake x9


Litwick x11


Staryu x4


Lapras (Call for Family) x2


Basculin x5


Vanillite x2


Vanillish x1


Frillish x2


Pikachu x7


Shinx (Jump On) x3


Shinx (Reckless Charge) x7


Luxio (Bite) x5


Blitzle x9


Emolga x4


Grimer x3


Ralts x7


Kirlia x4


Munna x5


Elgyem x3


Riolu x2


Hippopotas x4


Hippowdon x7


Mienfoo x4


Mienshao x5


Sneasel x6


Scraggy x3


Scrafty x1


Bronzor x3


Ferroseed x4


Jigglypuff x4


Meowth x5


Pidove x12


Minccino x2


Cilan x4


Exp. Share x3


Heavy Ball x1


Level Ball x1


Pokémon Center x5


Skyarrow Bridge x4


Double Colorless Energy x2


Prism Energy x3




Petili x2


Dwebble x1


Karrablast x5


Pansear x2


Blitzle x1


Tynamo (Tackle) x1


Stunfisk (Thunder) x1


Elgyem (Calm Mind) x2


Elgyem (First Contact) x2


Timburr x1


Stunkfisk (Trickle) x1


Mienshao x2


Durant x4


Audino x1


Axew x2


Rocky Helmet x1




Swadloon (Gnaw) x2


Cottonee (Cotton Guard) x3


Petilil x3


Pansear x1


Darumake x2


Panpour x1


Ducklett x3


Cubchoo (Icicle Puch) x2


Joltik x3


Galvantula x1


Woobat x2


Venipede x4


Gothita (Double Slap) x5


Gothorita (Deleting Glare) x2


Roggerola (Reckless Charge) x2


Drillbur (Mud-Slap) x2


Sawk x3


Sandile x3


Krokorok x3


Vullaby x3


Ferroseed (Pin Missile) x1


Minccino x1


Great Ball x3




Mamoswine x4


Electrode x2


Haunter x5


Magby x2


Magmar x1


Magneton x2


Piloswine x9


Tentacruel x3


Bellsprout x3


Bronzor x4


Caravanha x1


Gastly x1


Kricketot x8


Machop x3


Magnemite x1


Nidoran (Female) x1


Pidgey x4


Ponyta x4


Psyduck x5


Shuppet x5


Swinub x16


Tentacool x3


Venonat x7


Volbeat x1


Yanma x7


Black Belt x6


Twins x2


Rescue Energy x2




Interviewer's Questions x2




Caterpie x2


Bill x2


Proffesor Elm´s Training Method x3




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