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NEW CARD SHOP NOW OPEN!!!*** Lucky's Trading Post, cards for packs


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First of all I give complete credit for the idea of this Trading Post, to Gotaway the original Pokemon TCGO trade shop. As an introduction to this Trading Post, I will simply ask you to obey a few simple rules when reading and posting on this thread, and ultimately happy trading :).


Welcome! You’ve entered Lucky’s Trading Post, the online virtual card vendor dedicated to the distribution of content for the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online (currently in Beta). I am here to help you complete your collection, or just complete that tank deck that you’ve been working on for months but can’t seem to pull that last card from those stubborn packs that tend to have horrible pull rates. On this thread you will be able to request for me to trade your unopened packs in exchange for the card (or cards) you’ve been searching for.




Like I’ve already stated I trade in packs. I’m going to put this on the record and officially cay that I have NO IDEA how these numbers are generated but they seem to be generally acceptable to everyone playing the game so I will go by what is said to be the values of these cards. (For reference I use Gota’s Trading Service for my prices. It is exactly the same sort of thread, just for a different trainer)




Here is a list of things id like for you to keep in mind when in my trade shop. Please:




-be respectful. I’m here to help you. If you’re being disrespectful to me or any other member on this site I have every right to simply ignore your request for a trade and make it that much more difficult for you to get the card you’re in search of. Not necessarily as punishment, I’m not your parent, I just don’t like dealing with such people.




-be fair. I ask the average going rate (in packs) for my cards. If your almost there I have been known to be quite flexible on my trades so don’t think just because you cant cover .5 of a pack we wont be able to come to some sort of solution.




-have fun. I have fun playing this game and trading and interacting with my fellow Poke-folk (id normally use a different word but I don’t want to offend anyone on here ;) ) and if your not doing the same then you should seriously reconsider typing a different URL into the big long bar up at the top of your screen.


Here is the list of acceptable packs, in order of preference: Next Destiny, Emerging Powers, Triumphant, Undaunted, Black & White, Unleashed, Heart Gold: Soul Silver, Call of Legends, Noble Victories




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For trade : pack price (x? numer in stock)




Mewtwo EX : 18 packs (not FA) (x3)


Zekrom EX : 7 Packs (not FA) (x1)


Reshiram EX: 5 packs (not FA) (x2)


Regigigas EX: 7 Packs (FA) (x1)


Kyurem EX : 6 packs (FA) (x2)


Kyurem EX: 4 Packs (not FA)


Shaymin EX: 5 packs (FA)


Shaymin EX: 4 packs (not FA) (x2)


Pokemon Prime


Magnezone: 10packs (x4)


Mew: 4.5packs (x2)


Celebi: 3.5packs (x4)


Donphan: 3.5packs (x4)


Typhlosion: 3packs (x1)


Electrode: 3packs (x2)


Tyranitar: 3packs (x1)


Lanturn: 2.5packs (x2)


Gengar: 2packs (x4)


Machamp: 2packs (x1)


Crobat: 2packs (x2)


Raichu: 2packs (x2)


Ursaring: 1.5packs (x2)


Absol: 1.5packs (x5)


Blissey: 1pack (x5)


Steelix: 1pack (x4)


Slowking: 2 packs (x1)


Meganium: 3 packs (x2)


Umbreon: 2 packs (x1)






I will continue to editing this list, i just wanted to get the available list of primes and EX;s available


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Done..Thanks for the recommendation, i forgot there was a trading section when i made this thread.






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