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minge's card bonanza V2


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Hey there folks, i just finished opening several ND packs and like many of you out there i had a poor pull rate. That being said, i now have a surplus of cards that i have for trade. Below are lists of my haves and wants, the brackets represent how many reverse holo version of the particular card i have. I don't have a set price for any of my cards because the values are very debatable.




ND - Rares


4 x Amoongus(1)


2 x Simisage(2)


4 x Pinsir(1)


3 x Aracanine A(0)


4 x Moltres(0)


8 x Simisear(2)


2 x Regular Reshiram(1)


2 x Articuno(1)


4 x Beartic(2)


2 x Jellicent(0)


1 x Lapras(1)


1 x Simipour(0)


8 x Zebstrika(0)


3 x Luxray(1)


4 x Zapdos(3)


1 x Regular Zekrom(1)


8 x Behheyem(1)


3 x Muk(0)


4 x Musharna(1)


4 x Scrafty(1)


2 x Weavile(0)


5 x Cinccino(1)


2 x Persian(0)


3 x Wigglytuff(1)


4 x Bronzong(1)


3 x Fire Chandelure(0)


4 x Lucario(1)


3 x Shiftry(1)






1 x Zekrom EX non-FA


1 x Reshiram EX FA


1 x Shaymin EX non-FA


1 x Suicune Entei bottom


1 x Lanturn Prime


1 x Espeon Prime


1 x Zekrom Black and White FA


1 x Reshiram Black and White FA




Other Notables




1 x Secret Rare Meowth


1 x Venomoth


1 x Landorus


1 x Cobalion NV


1 x Lefeon RH


2 x Vanilluxe NV


26 x ND packs








2 x Mewtwo Ex (Fa doesn't matter)


2 x Mew Prime








I look foward to trading with you all!!!


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shiny zoro for regi non fa?





I rate regigigas higher than zoro, so unless you can throw something else in i'm gonna have to say no deal.


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My 1x ND pack for your 1 x Reshiram BW?





Sure Let me know when u want to do it, i'm on now for like 5 minutes if u want to do it now.


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I like to do it now.





Ok, it's in my binder.





I have to go right now, i'll leave it in my binder untill i'm automatically logged out, if you miss me in those 20 minutes we'll just have to trade later.


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4 x Moltres(0)


2 x Articuno(1)


4 x Zapdos(3)


These 3 card are wirth .5 packs each.




I can trade a you a RH cleffa for 1x Moltres, and 1x Zapdos bith noon H


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