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ITT: We create pokemon evolutions


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Hey everybody! Since we all have those pokemon that need an evolution, lets create them.


Remember, add Everything you can to it, and for those who are in the metagame, see if it improves anything.




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ITT= Interactive Talk Time.


So yes.


Pokemon tha need Evos:






Ludisc to Alomomola


Tauros Evo linking Boffalent, or Prevo linking Miltank












(So create these pokemon. Add move sets, Base Stats. New Typings (Within reason)




(Also, No Legendaries)




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Name: Torten


Pre-Evolution: Shuckle


Type: Rock/Grass (Haven't seen this type in awhile.)


Abilities: Sturdy/Guttony


Base Stats:


HP: 80


ATK: 70


DEF: 195


Sp. ATK: 20


Sp. DEF: 180


SPE: 30


(I'll add moveset later. How's it so far? I figured: HP can't be more than 100, or else it would have legend stats. I didn't want his attack too high, but I don't want it too low. Sp. ATK had no chance. Speed is a given. I lowered his Defenses a tad just so that they weren't overblown.)






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... Lol, that made me so confused when it happened.


Wait, is it okay if we keep at least one of the types? I was hoping for a water and bug evolution... I figured it'd make sense (it's supposed to be a Lichen with a tortoise.).


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Alright! I'll go edit it.


{Edit} Edited. I didn't want Shuckle to lose his massive defenses, but needed a way to raise his other stats. I decided to remove a tad of his defenses and add more to his HP and Attack, allowing for him to have some better use.


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