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Don't have much, don't need much.


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Alright, so, I don't have a lot, mostly because all of the stuff that I had, I had to trade my entire collection for, so, I'm only going to list my most notable cards. So, here they are:






1x Zekrom ND


2-2-2 Hydreigon Line (non shiny)


1x Cleffa (CoL)


1x Feraligatr Prime


1x Typhlosion Prime


1x Vanniluxe from NxD


5x Eelektrik (4 normal, 1 RH)


1x Darmaxitan


2x Level Balls


5x Prism Energies


1x Junk Arm


1x Crushing Hammer (RH)


1x Sages Training


4x DCE (3 normal, 1 RH)


1x Skyarrow Bridges


3x N (non full art)


1x Eviolite


2x Pokemon Communication




2x Super Rod


1x Zekrom EX




What I mostly want is packs, preferably Next Destinies, but I will take any packs. Just make an offer on anything here, and I'll make my own decisions accordingly, if you don't think something is fair, just say so, and I'll try to make it fair for both you and me. Thanks again!










Kyurem (Big Want)


Any EX cards




Rare Candy


Junk Arms










FA or Cards that have the possibility to be FA (Fliptini, Terrakion, etc)






Ability Emboar








Golduck Line


Floatzel Line


Roast Reveal Ninetales
















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If you offered something else, then I could do it, I don't really want to trade 3 prisms for a card I basically already have. Sorry. What else would you want for them?


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But, Cleffa actually has some competitive play value to it, while Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno aren't really that playable. So, pretty much, in my terms, quality > quantity. That's what a lot of people on TCG online don't understand, that's why I got most of these cards by offering so many crap cards. So,




tl;dr, no, sorry. My main priority is packs.


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Guys, please don't bring your trade discussions into my thread.




For those of you out there, everything is still here for trade, leave me offers, packs get more priority.


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I have no packs, so let me just start with that. I do have some cards that you may find worthwhile, but first, I noticed you said that you didnt list all your cards. I'm looking for 3-3 Sheertic, 3-2-1 Reuniclus, 4 Twins, 3 Sages....you got any of those?


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I only have 1 twins, so, I see that you have a trade thread of your own, so, I'll go there and see what you have, and I do have a cubchoo I think as well, so, I'll try to find something on your trade thread that would be good for you and me.


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Hey, I have some rare candies I'd be willing to trade.


Do you have any packs for trade?




Also, which kyurem do you want?


I have kyurem NV.


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No, sorry, I don't have any packs right now, I'm supposed to be getting a couple of packs in the next couple of weeks, so, no, and I am wanting the kyurem from NV, if I say I want anything that has an EX form, and I don't say EX, then I also want the normal form. When I say any EX's, I also mean Kyurem EX. So, I do want that Kyurem, and I'm willing to give up what I have for it.


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