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Cards from ND for cards/packs


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Okay so every card I have Is ND unless stated otherwise.








2x Simisage (1 RH)


2x Moltres


3x Beartic (1RH)


5x Rare Lapras


2x Jellicent


1x Simipour (RH)


1x Luxray (Have rest of line if wanted)


1x Zekrom ND


4x Beheyeem


1x Terrakion (Emerging powers)


4x Scrafty (2 RH)


2x Weavile (1RH)


1x cincinno (RH)


3x Wigglytuff


2x Bronzong


1x Promo litwick


2x Shiftry (1RH)


4 x DCE (1 old)


5x Heavy ball


4x Skyarrow bridge


10x Pokemon center


3x Zapdos holo


1x Articuno


2x (A) Vanniluxe line


10x Ralts,Kirlia and 1 Gardevoir.






4x P.O.N.T




Ex cards


FA cards


General competitive trainers and cards.


NV and ND packs






















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