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Gota the 2nd trade thread with any card you need. Will be the biggest with gota side by side!


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I will have a deal of the hour some days and will have a trade empouium here. I plan to be as big as Gota. So here I go.






x1 Moltres-.5 pack


x1 Reshiram ND-1 pack


x2 Articuno-.5 pack


x2 Zapdos-1 Pack


x1 Zekrom-1 Pack


x3 Gardevoir-2 packs each (also have 6 ralts and 2 kirla so I can add one with each Gardy)


x2 Cincinno ND-1 Pack


x3 Lucario ND- .5 pack (can add riolu if you want)


x2 DarMAXatian-.5 Pack


x9 Cilan-.5 pack


x6 DCE ND-1 pack


x8 Exp.Share-.5 pack


x11 Heavy ball-.5 Pack


x1 Kyurem EX Non-FA- 5 Packs


x6 Level ball-.5 pack


x11 Pokemon Center-.5 pack


x11 Prisim Energy-1 Pack each


x11 Skyarrow Bridge-.5 pack


x1 Litwick Promo-2 pack


x5 Ability Levanny-.5 pack each


x1 Vanilluxe NV-2 Pack


x12 Eleketrik (Will add 2 tynamo with each eleketrik)-.5 Pack


x2 Eleketross-1 Pack


x3 Conkeldurr Ability-1 Pack


x9 Durant-.5 pack


x1 Secret Rare Mewoth- 3 Pack


x6 Eviolite -.5 pack


x11 N-.5 pack


x1 Secret Rare Pikachu-3 Pack


x2 Rescue Energy- .5 pack


x3 Seeker-.5 pack


x1 Lugia Legend TOP- 2 Pack


x1 Rainbow Energy- 1 Pack




Other wants than packs:


x1 Shyamin EX


x1 Shaymin EX FA






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