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Problem with decksaving


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So i am currently buidling a Reshiplosion deck and i pu all the cards in my deck already, even the ones i don't own at the moment. But when i save and reload the deck, it always has around 50 cards in it instead of the usual 60.


Now i did save the file to my computer and opened it up on Wordpad. There I saw that the cards are in the deck, but that the quantity is actualy 0! Also, this seems to be with the cards you get from completing the base decks in the trainer challenge, in other words the untradable cards. I used the base red deck to get some Cyndaquills and Quilava's as well as some PONT, and those are always the cards which get a weird 0 quantity in the deck.


So is there a way to solve this or do i actually need to get the cards from boosters/trades?




(on another note, the deck checker doesn't view my Rehisram EX as actual EX card, it sees it as trainer lol)


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