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Have 20 credits and wants. Make offers only if u beat Gotaway's prices.


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1 booster credits (what ever packs u want)


I also have other cards on my trade thread to balance out the deal.






I need these cards (in this order)


2x Revive


1x Chandelure (w/ ability)




Look I have 1 pack




but I also have


Skyarrow bridges




instant deal






1 Pack


2 Skyarrow Bridges






Revive x2


Chandelure x1 (w/ ability)


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@Cyndaquil: I will give u 1 pack for the absol prime.




@Grass Knot: I will pass. Looking to each individual cards that I need as a whole not in clumps.




@Kid: I saw things I needed. But there is one Gotaway does do that no one else I see here does do and that is taking away 10% off a large order. In this case my order is large and I have a large quantity to give away. I saw cards that are on my wants list. Care to make an offer?




@Vikes: pass. 4 Rescue and 4 Pluspower for 1 pack of ND.




@fantasy: Deal




@tynx: Pass.


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@cyndaquil: Should be




@Kid: Let me go through ur list and see what u have that can complete my list.


I'll probably edit this post or create a new post.




@fantasy: thank you.




@thetynk: I don't see the kyurem.


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It must have leaked.. sorry about that! If you want to put the 2 packs in your binder I will offer <img src="http://www.pokemontcg.com/javascripts/fckeditor/editor/images/smiley/png/regular_smile.png" alt="" />


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@Kid: K here is my offer




I need ur




Shaymin (u value at 4 packs) gota values at 5 (I want to trade for 2 not just 1)


Pluspower x4 u value at .5 for 1 same value as gotaway


Super Scoop Up x4 (various sets) U value same as gotaway


Vanilluxe x3 (U value at 1.5 which is the same as what gotaway values it at) I want the rh one too which u value the same as regular vanilluxe


V-create Victini (U value at 1.5 gotaway values it at the same)




Based on these prices I'm not saving much as if I were to buy it from gotaway. My offer is 7 packs for these. Not too many people are going to trade for Vanilluxes or V-create victinis.






@Gary: If u had 2 more rescues to throw in and 1 other small want I would say yes.


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