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H: 2 zekrom ex, primes, packs, others W: FAs+Mewtwo!


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Ultra rares:


Virizion FA


Victini FA


1 Zekrom EX




4 Typlosion Primes


2 Feraligatr Primes


Kingdra Prime


2 Crobat Prime


4 Mew Prime


Blissey Prime






2-2 SEL


Other stuff:


2 Ability Leavanny


2 Reshiram ND


4 Carracosta


1 Vanillux ND


2 Luxray ND


4 Ability Gothitelle


2 Abilitiy Reuniculus


1 Archeops


4 Gigalith (core cannon)


2 Terrakion NV


3 Conkeldurr ability


2 zoroark


3 Cobalion NV


1 Ability Klinklang


2 Haxorus


2 Chandelure ability


4 Victini holo




some packs.






2 Cobalion FA


1Terrakion FA


1 Mewtwo ex


xX ND packs.


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How much for 1?





Can you resever the last one for me please? i let you know when I have 6 Paacks of ND.





ok but only for a limited time.


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I don't need the Cobalion anymore, but I do need 4 SP Metals. 2 packs of ND for them and the Crushing Hammer?





i dont have sp metals for trade


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