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ND: An Ex for trade and others


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these cards are still avilable but i will make a new thread


Feel free to offer... but keep my wants in mind tounge_smile.png


Major Wants: Packs, 1 catcher


MInior wants: Collectors, rare candy, junk arm, eviolite, bw zekrom




zekrom ex (non fa) (would like seven ND packs or best offer)


Other ND Pokes:


ND Rare:


vanilluxe (1 foil in stock)


beeheyem (1 in stock)


arcanine (2 in stock)


articuno (1 foil in stock)


simisear (2in stock)


jellicent (2 in stock/ 1 foil)


bearctic (1 in stock foil)


amoongus ( foil 2 in stock)


ND uncommon:


arcanine (4 in stock)


kricketune (2 in stock)


lapras (4 in stock/ 1 foil)


basculin (4 in stock)


luxio quick turn (4 in stock/ 1 foil)


vanillish(1 in stock)


ND common:


pansage (4 in stock)


simipour (4 in stock)


cubchoo (4 in stock / 1 foil)


frillish (4 in stock/1 foil)


vanilite (2 in stock)


staryu (4 in stock)


kricketot (7 in stock / foil 1)


Foongus (5 in stock)


growlithe combustion (3 in stock / foil 1)


growlithe stoke (7 in stock/foil 1)


munna (1 in stock)






Pokemon center (3 in stock/foil 1)


DCE: (2 in stock/ foil 1)


exp share (2 in stock / foil 1)


skynarrow bridge (3 in stock/ foil 1)








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