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ND Rares for Any Packs


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I have a bunch of ND rares which I'm looking to trade for packs. I'll accept any packs other than HS and UL.


I'm fairly flexible with prices, so just offer away.


ND Rares:


2x Amoongus


2x Zebstrika


1x Pinsir


2x Moltres


2x Fire Chandelure


1x Zapdos


1x Lucario


1x Bronzong (RH)


1x Scrafty (RH)


3x Lapras (Rare)


4x Wigglytuff (1 RH)


1x Beheeyem


1x Muk


1x Simipour


1x Weavile




ND Trainers:


16x Skyarrow Bridge


7x EXP Share (2 RH)


2x Prism Energy (1 RH)


8x DCE (1 HGSS)


4x Heavy Ball


3x Level Ball (1 RH)


2x Cilan (1 RH)


Other Rares:


2x Smoochum


1x Ariados


2x Ursaring (1 RH)


1x Fearow


1x Poliwrath


1x Primeape


2x Steelix (1 RH)


I'll also trade these for EXs, but I doubt anyone would want to do that.


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