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Larry's 4th Trading Thread


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Yep, I'm back with more cards. Here is the key:


Bold indicates cards I consider "competitive" enough to be worth at least 1 pack each.


<strike>Strikethrough</strike> indicates cards I have been offered to trade.


At the moment, here's what I am looking for:


2x Pokemon Catcher


1x Gloom


1x Vileplume


2x Cilan


2x Switch


And of course, packs (at the moment, I prefer ND, but I'll also take TM, EP, or UD)


And here's what I have that I can trade and might interest some people:


1x Ability Serperior (Minimum 1 pack)


1x Virizion EP RH


1x Simisear BW


1x Simisear EP


1x Kyurem (Minimum 4 packs)<b>


</b> 1x Promo Samurott (Minimum 1 pack)


3x Simipour EP


1x Starmie ND RH


1x Eelektrik


1x Eelektross


1x Zekrom ND (Minimum 2 packs)


1x Mime Jr.


1x Net Force Reuniclus


1x Scrafty ND<strike>


</strike>1x Cobalion NV (Minimum 3 packs)


3x Durant


1x Persian ND


1x Bisharp (Steel)


3x Bianca


1x Cheren


2x Prism Energy


1x Pokemon Communication


1x Elm's Training Method


1x Research Record


2x Rocky Helmet


2x Skyarrow Bridge


1x Zekrom EX (Minimum 6 packs)


4x Next Destinies Packs




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2 Bronzor ND


1 Bronzong ND






Cyogranal (Only if it is the Ice Chains and Fade Out one) each attack requires 1 or 2 water energy.) x2


Shiftry Next Destinies.


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Well, I can give you Cobalion EP, but I'm not looking for another Skyarrow. Have anything else I'm looking for?


SSBBDaisy: Thanks for the trade.


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