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Restriction Deck


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I am trying to make a deck that restricts then attacks. Here's what I have so far:


3-3 Zebstrika (ND)


3-3 Amoonguss (ND)


2 Zekrom EX


2 Shaymin EX


4 Level Ball


2 Heavy Ball


4 Double Colorless Energy


4 Exp. Share


2 Twins


3 Switches


2 N


3 Cilan


2 Pokemon Catcher


3 Pokemon Collector


7 Electric Energy


2 Grass Energy


2 Prism Energy (I am still deciding whether or not to have Prism or have 4 Grass... What do you think?)




In Depth: At the start, set up Zebstrika and Amoonguss, stalling for the preparation of Zekrom. Once one Zekrom is prepared, send it out as the main attacker. In the mean time, another Zekrom EX should be prepared. Continue to do so, while continuing to stall with Zebstrika and Amoonguss.


Faults in strategy: Easily broken, Zekrom EX is useful as the main attacker, but it loses 2 energy to use Strong Volt and then takes 2 turns to attack, and Zebstrika and Amoonguss could easily be destroyed


Benefits: Somewhat quickly set up


This deck is still in revision so keep the criticism coming!




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Interesting idea but you really don't have a solid attacker at all. The disruption to your opponent may stall their start, but once they get a Pokemon up, they'll just roll on through your line. I guess Shaymin EX is a good card for this deck to try to steal the game late. A couple cards you might want to include are Twins and N, especially if you expect to try to come from behind in most games. Your opponent takes their 5th prize, you bust out Shaymin and use an N, all of the sudden you're swinging for 180 a turn and they're in topdeck mode.


I think using Vileplume would be helpful in this deck, maybe in place of the Bronzong line (which is a decent card, but healing cards really aren't played that much). Then again, with 'Plume you lock yourself out of trainers too, so maybe it wouldn't be worth it.


The bottom line for me is that this deck is going to fall behind once the opponent gets set up, so you would need to maximize your chances of winning once your opponent has taken 4 or 5 prizes, so I'd try to put N and Twins in the deck. But Shaymin EX presents a unique way to come from behind to win, so I say good luck!


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I edited my deck. Thanks for the advice!


As good as the EX pokemon are, I think having 4 of each is too much. 2 of each is probably plenty. You could use the other 4 spots for more supporters like Juniper, PONT, Sage's Training, Cheren, etc. I would also only go with 3-3 lines of Zebstrika and Amoonguss, freeing another 4 spots for stuff like Catchers and Junk Arms. You also should put in a few Pokemon Collectors in place of the Level Balls and Heavy Balls (Personally I like 4 Collectors in my decks, but some people prefer less).


Overall though I like the idea, it's a different type of deck but I think if your opponent isn't ready for it, they may get too aggressive when they have the prize lead, which gives you the advantage. I would suggest throwing in a Mewtwo if you have one, but if you don't, it's not a huge deal since Zekrom EX and Shaymin EX work fine for the goals of the deck.


And you're welcome on the advice, I hope it helps you out some!


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I was running just Zek-Eel, but Eelektrik can only atach to the bench. So therefore, i used dodrio(attach to benched, then retreat). You might want to get more trainers and less pokes


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