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mewtwo ex regular for sale.


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i have 1 mewtwo reg ex for sale. taking bids for packs only... ND of course.




4trade: mew, toRn, Celebi, magz, typh, ttar, coba, terra, thund, absol, cleffa, dce, collect,dphan,candy, dodrio, , gard & all EX's




they are going for 15 ND in trading forum iv eseen today so minium bid please is 15. sorry for not stating that first.








Time left: 5:21 EAST TIME. (5 MINS or outbid)


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sorry viking rule i didnt think to put minium bid. but they are going for 15 in trading forum so have to start there @ 15.


How about 12 ND packs and Shaymin EX, which is worth anywhere from 4-5 packs?




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