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Trading ND and NV cards!!


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here is a list of the cards i have, these are a mix of NV and ND and i am looking for ND packs:


3-2-1 Hydreigon line (NV)


3-2-2 Luxray Line (ND)


3-1-2 Chandelure (FIRE ND)


2 Articuno (ND)


1 Moltres (ND)


1 Zapdos (ND)


1 Reshiram EX Full Art (ND)


1 Cinccino (ND)


1 Spiritomb


1 Ability Serperior (Promo BW)


1 Ability Samurott (Promo BW)


1 Ability Emboar (Promo BW)


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