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trading my cards for your nd packs


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list of cards:


1xserperior ability -1,5 pack


2x emboar ability -1,5 packs ea


2x feraligatr prime -2 packs ea


1x beartic sheer cold 1,5 pack


1xfloatzel -0,5 pack


1x red gyarados- 0,5 pack


1x samurott ability -1 pack


1x gengar prime -2 packs


1x hypno.1 pack


2x conkeldur ability -1 pack each


2xshapedo -1 pack for both


2x mandibuzz 1,5 pack for both


1x weavile -1 pack


1x tornadus -1,5 pack


1x leafeon -1 pack


1x jirachi -1,5 pack


1x chandelure -1,5 pack


1x steelix prime -1 pack




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