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Want to Trade Lot for Lot


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I want to trade my:


3-2Yanmega Prime


4-4-4 Chandelure (1 Promo Litwick)


4 Prof. Elm


4 Prof. Oak


2 Energy Exchange


2 Pokemon Communication


1 Holo Mamoswine


2 Non-Holo Mamoswine


1 Fliptini


4 Interviewer’s questions


2 Blackbelt


1 Verizion


(Total Approx Pack Worth 29 according to Gota's List)




And I want in return:




2 Call for Family Eevee


4 Leafeon


1 Rescue Energy


3 Rainbow Energy


2 Crushing Hammers


2 Roselia


2 Roserade (Energy Signal)


3 Junk Arm


2 Cleffa


2 Houndoom Prime


4 Seeker


3 Catcher


(Total Approx. Pack Worth 25 According to Gota's List)




I will accept partial trades if they are reasonable, but I would prefer to do as much of the exchanging in bulk as possible. If you are seeking other cards, you can post what you are looking for but be forewarned that this is pretty much all the cards I have that are worth anything which are available for trade.


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I am really interested in all of your Yanmega primes an pre-evos.




I have at least one Call For Family Eevee, Super Scoop Up, and I think 2 Leafeon. Also I think the Hondour/Houndoom you are looking for, but only one of each. I also have a crushing hammer I can part with. I can't check my collection to verify, as my TCGO is acting up. But I can get on a different computer in the morning and check to see what else I might have. Got a couple of rainbow enegies as well, and a cleffa I can lose.




So, assuming I have:


1 Eevee


1 or 2 Super Scoop Ups


1 or 2 Leafeon


1 Houndoom Prime and a Houndoom to go with


1 Crushing Hammer


2 Rainbow Energies (sure about this)


1 Cleffa




What can I do about those Yanmegas?


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Based on Gota's numbers, i count your approx. pack worth at


1 or 2 Scoop Up (0.5-1 pack)


1 eevee


1 or 2 leafeon (0.5-1 pack)


1 Houndour


1 Houndoom Prime (2 packs)


Crushing (.5 pack)


2 Rainbow (1 pack)


1 CLeffa (1 pack)


Total 5.5-6 packs


So, I can get you 2 Yanma-1 Yanmega Prime ,1 trainer/supporter I have, and I can throw in the Verizion.


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I'll do Crushing Hammer, 1 Rainbow, 3 super scoop ups, Leafeon, 2 Jump-on Houndour and 1 Call for Family Eeevee for 1-1 Yanmega Prime?


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@cyndaquil579, you know I can't do that. Sorry.




@libertyfinger, I can do that, but not till later on tonight, probably 930ish, if in the meantime you could find 1 additional crushing, rainbow, or eevee, I would feel significantly better about it. If that won't work for you let me know, and we can work out a different time.


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I have an additional rainbow, but would have to deconstruct a deck to trade it. Interested in Rescue Energy? I'll try and find something, hopefully by tonight, if not by tomorrow morning.




EDIT: Acquired another Call For Family Eeve through pub. trade. See you tonight hopefully.


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4 Leafeon, 2 Rescue, 1 Crushing Hammer, 2-2 Roserade, 3 Junk Arm, 3 SSU, 2 CLeffa, and 2 Seeker for 3 Yanmega and a CHandelure? Or 4 CHandelure and 2 Yanmega.


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@ tyranitar. 2 Yanmega and 4 Chandelure and its a deal. I wil have my binders up in a moment.


@liberty finger. I will accept either the rescue or the eevee, your call. I don't much mind, I need them all if I am going to finish my deck overhaul before ND release




Edit: @Libertyfinger, just realized tyrannitar is giving 4 leafeon, so why don't you kill the leafeon and include the rescue energy and the extra call for family eevee. Cool?


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