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This is a New Competative team I'm going to try out






Vaporeon (Bubbles) Gender:M @ 252 HP/ 252 SpD/ 4 Def


Held Item: Leftovers Nature: Lax


Ability: Water Absorb


Work up




Baton Pass


Acrid Armor (Remove the R)


Bubbles is doing what he does best. His bulk helps him stall out most pokemon, with Armor for a defense boost. Scald is his little gem, and cripples offensive attackers. Get a chain going with Ninja, and this can lead to any pokemon be a powerhouse.






Chandelure (Skull) @ 4 Hp/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe


Held Item: Rocky Helmet Nature: Modest


Ability: Flame Body






Heat Wave


Energy Ball


Skull is unique for a Chandelure, as his primary move is Hex. At a maximum of 150 Base Power with a status condition and stab, it is a very powerful, yet looked down apon move. Hex is probably the strongest ghost type move too. Energy ball for coverage, and Heat Wave for STAB. Toxic cripples most things besides steel types, and Along with Hex, it's a dangerous ride.




Breloom (Oyster) @ 252 Atk/ 252 Spe/ 4 SpD


Held Item: Toxic Orb Nature: Adament


Ability: Poison Heal




Focus Punch


Stone Edge


Seed Bomb


Most of you are thinking 'Why doesn't his Breloom know Facade?' Well, Stone edge gets a lot more coverage. Also, Edge doesn't make Oyster a cripple to faster flyers, and Ghosts. Other Three are Loom staples.








Flygon (Daisy) Gender:F @ 168 Atk/ 88 SpA/ 252 Spe


Held Item: Choice Specs Ability: Levitate


Nature: Rash


Draco Meteor




Fire Blast




Yes, A rare Special Set. Bliss is really going to be hating on my team. However, I have loom. DM for STAB, since I don't have the patiance for Getting Outrage. Eq for coverage and STAB. Fire Blast to cripple Ice-types. U-turn for scouting.






Scolipede (Shinobi) Gender: F @ 252 Def/ 252/ SpD/ 4 Speed


Item: Quick Claw Ability: Poison Point


Nature: Careful


Baton Pass




Swords Dance




"Scolipede? As a Botoner?" Yes, you think I'm crazy, but trust me, get him going, and you can't stop. Agility is a great booster, and SD practically makes Megahorn God-like. Also, giving these awesome stat boosts to Loom makes Loom even more godly.








Ferrothorn (Barbs) Gender:M @128 Atk/ 128 SpD/ 252 Def/ 4 Hp


Ability: Iron Barbs Nature: Brave


Held Item: Iron Plate


Gyro Ball


Stealth Rock




Power Whip


A Semi-Physical, Semi-wall. Barbs is unique. With Curse helping boost defence, and Power Whip for Waters. Stealth Rock is for any fires, and A spinner against him will also take damage. Gyro ball for almost OHKOing pokemon like weavile




So, How's My team? I'm still editing


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dont use Trump Card on Vaporeon:( dont thnk Chandelure can learn Energy Ball, and Breloom should have Facade.


also, scolipede wont help. If you must have a random BP'er on your team which wont help, go with Gliscor.


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[*]I don't care about Smogon

[*]Know your Tms

[*]I have reasons for Scolipede.

[*]Stone Edge for coverage

[*]Loom would be pray to ghosts with Facade.

[*]Trump Card doesn't get enough love

[*]I have Energy Ball on my Ingame Chandelure


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Right now Litwickfan11 That team will work. It will help you beat the game in only 3 to 4 days. I tried that team before and it took me only 1 day actually to beat the game. Also do you have any spare eevee's because I need one for my team. Pluys tramiph card is my most loved move ever.


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It looks pretty nice to me. Trick Room teams might be a problem as it seems (besides Vaporeon and Ferrothorn) the team relies on speed. It looks good though, having good coverage, speed (though I'm still curious as to how Scolipede works as a Baton Passer... I've only seen commons (Accelgor and Ninjask) and also the occasional Ambipom.), and strength. (I'm not exactly a competitive battler so I don't know much... sorry if this doesn't give much insight.)


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Trick Room makes those with the lowest speed move first. (Edit: Oh... it's just that you said "Priority" so I thought you meant as in move priority and didn't know about the speed... sorry... :P) Also, gyro ball wouldn't be useless (as it doesn't actually change the speed stat, so it would in some ways benefit Ferrothorn. Though... having only two Pokemon to rely on would be bad (especially if they had the one and only Eelektross (which is a commonly used, I think, Pokemon in Trick Room teams) and Boltbeamed them (Thunderbolt and Flamethrower)).)


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I already knew that. It would cripple my team, as Gyro ball would be useless. So scald and Power whip would be the only good moves


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