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I read the help on binder part I still don't get it...


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I can do public offer trade with no problem at all. But when it comes to putting stuff in binder and look at someone's binder I have no clue how to do it. Here are my questions:




1) I can put stuff in my binder but I found that it is empty later on. I first thought oh god the cards are gone! But nope they are still in my card list but the binder seems to reset and empty out. I checked this so many times but puttng the same cards in for a test.


2) When someone says that they got their binder for trade and etc. Ok I went to the list and try to find the guy. I scroll down and never able to find the name at all. I also found that the list goes from a to z then goes to a to z again with a different list of people. Is there a better way to find the particular person?


3) So I randomly click on some name to see if anyone has anything for trade. Their binders are all empty too so I guess I haven't yet found the right guy who has something or their binders are all reset like me.


4) There are 2 input boxes for entering things you wanna find. I tried them and they never work. I search for nv or NV which there are tons of posts but it never filter out properly. I also tried search for actual card name that I know in the public offer list... didn't work too.


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answers :


1)binders leak,its a bug which has not so far been repaired yet,so u must put up ur binder everytime u log off/refresh/buy packs etc


2)it may be their usernames begin with a small/capital letter i use the P P a system,press P-goes to public offer,press P for second time,goes to first user with a capital P letter,press a,goes to first user with a small a,numbered usernames are after the public offer


3)most ppl dont have their binder ready for trade except people who are either in the trade chat room,are advertising that their binder is up via public trades or are trading in this here forum


4)those input boxes dont work,i regard them as "decorative" just like tournaments which say "coming soon" and many many other things


All in all you must remember this is OPEN BETA which means it has its bugs,but they are being repaired by the staff of this here website


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