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CHEAP Bulk Rares and Uncommons! Binder up!


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Hey guys my binder will be up for awhile so go ahead and feel free to offer away all day.


My binder contains a few quality cards here and there:


Virizion EP


Spiritomb (Foil)


2x Cobalion EP




Go ahead and offer away when you look at my binder. I view all trades and will trade rares for equal value as long as I am able to trade the equal value off.




Needs (In this order.)


Triumphant Packs


Electrode Prime


Cobalion NV




Bulk Rares


Most of the cards however are bulk rares, low quality ones. I'll take 1 Triumphant pack per every 5 bulk rare you want. Feel free to pick and choose. If you find 5 rares you want for a pack just send an offer and more than likely I'll accept. I do know prices though so if you pick a card that's not really a low-quality rare, you'll be denied and no longer traded with.


Bulk Uncommons


Everyone is always looking for a Stage 1 or a Trainer card that nobody puts in their binders because they're too busy with rares. I have a few quality uncommons, Junk Arm, Black Belt, etc, which will sell for normal price, but I also do a 4 uncommon for 1 Triumphant pack.


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You can't. It's just something that the mods are working on right now. It's just because this site isn't perfect, not yet anyways. Btw, do you have a Scizor? Not the prime, though. Would you take an Electivire or a Braviary for it?


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I do not have a Scizor.




Sadly even though I've bought a box and a great handful of boosters, I don't have much. xDDD


Mostly cause I've traded everything in order to try and make a decent deck to play. :3


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