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I really don't want to comment because I feel as though it won't have any basis (Since I'm not really a good player), but I don't think it is a good combo. Pichu takes up a turn to use its move and allows for an extra turn for the other player. The other player also can get out any basic Pokemon (such as Terrakion or Kyurem) and set up. Finally, the opponent can use Pokemon Catcher (Or Pokemon Reversals) and Seeker to remove any basic Pokemon on your bench and eliminate a Sneasel or another Pokemon. Sneasel, then, would be only able to deal 60 damage (80 if you place down the Pokemon with Seeker) at max the next turn. At minimum, it would do no damage, and destroy the team. I can see why the idea seemed nice in the head, though. (Sorry if this sounded mean...)


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