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My Revised Trade Thread


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This is my new trade thread, and I hope it doesn't ultimately become a dud like last time. I'm going to try to organize my cards more effectively here. The cards are organized first by rarity, then by type.




Bold indicates cards I consider competitive enough that I will only trade for packs, Catchers, or DCEs.


Italic indicates cards I consider semi-competitive and would prefer said combination for, but will consider other cards.


Underline indicates cards that are new acquisitions.


<strike>Strikethrough</strike> indicates cards I have been offered the opportunity to trade or cards I have offered elsewhere.






1x Virizion EP (Reverse Foil)


1x Magcargo UD


1x <strike>Promo Fliptini</strike>


1x Mamoswine


1x Lugia CoL


1x Samurott (Promo)


1x Hitmontop


1x Bisharp


2x <strike>Cobalion EP</strike> (1 is Reverse Foil)


1x Zoroark EP


3x Tornadus (1 is Full-Art) <--Note: Only trading 1.


1x Rayquaza


3x Braviary


Non-Holo Rares (If they are Reverse Holo, I will mark it with *)


2x Sawsbuck (1*)


1x Meganium CoL


1x Leavanny EP (Nurturing/X-Scissor)


1x Darmanitan EP


1x Simisear EP


2x Simisear NV


2x Cryogonal (Ice Chain/Frost Vanish)


2x Beartic EP (1*) (Icy Wind/Superpower)


2x Swanna EP


3x Simipour EP


2x Gothitelle non-Ability


1x Reuniclus (Net Force)


1x Weezing CoL


1x Swoobat*


1x Cofagrigus (Durable Body Ability)


1x Golurk


1x Gigalith (Shear/Rock Bullet)


2x Conkeldurr (Chip Away/Swing Around)


2x Honchkrow UD (1 is Whilwind/Blindside, 1 is Shadow Bind/Vengeance)


4x Liepard EP


1x Mandibuzz


1x Klinklang EP*


1x Pidgeot CoL*


1x Unfezant EP


Uncommons (only listing "good" ones or cards that evolve into one of the others):


7x Swadloon (3x EP#5, 2x EP#6, 2x NV)


1x Cryogonal (Icy Wind)


1x Eelektrik


5x Gothorita (1x EP#45*, 4x EP#46)


1x Mime Jr.


3x Sigilyph (EP#41)


2x Sigilyph (EP#42) (1*)


1x Gurdurr


1x Sableye UD


<strike>2x Durant</strike>


4x Klang EP


4x Tranquill EP (1*)


3x Piloswine


2x Bisharp


I also have many Commons necessary to fill out the evolution lines.




3x Bianca (2*)


1x Cheren*


2x Crushing Hammer


2x Great Ball


2x Pokemon Communication


1x Professor Elm's Training Method*


2x Recycle


2x Rocky Helmet


1x Team Rocket's Trickery


Additional Cards:


1x Promo Litwick


1x Promo Zorua






4x Double Colorless Energy


2x Pokemon Catcher


Rare Candy


Pokemon Collector


Cards I will accept if I'm not giving away competitive cards:


Ninetales HGSS/CoL


Umbreon Prime


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Maybe. Depends on whether or not C579 is ever going to accept the offer I keep TRYING to send (at this point, I'm just going to make it public). Oh yeah, and got any DCEs?


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