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1 pack quicksale


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price guide:


1-1 Venomoth line -1 pack


1.-1-1 Victreebel line -1 pack


Virizion EP-1 pack


Ho-Oh legend top-1 pack


BadBoar(Emboar) -1 pack


Red Gyarados(super rare)-1 pack


Lugia Legend top -1 pack


1-1 Exegutor line -1 pack


1-1 Weezing line 1 pack


Groundon 4/95 -1 pack


1-1 Mandibuzz line -1 pack


1-1 Weavile line -1 pack


<strike>1-1 Ambipom line -1 pack</strike>


Drudigon -1 pack


Darkrai Cresselia legend bottom half- 1 pack


Jirachi -1 pack


Kyogre/Groundon Legend top -1 pack


Raikou/Suicune Legend bottom half -1 pack


Spiritomb -1 pack






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allright,they are in my binder


EDIT:made it a public offer since you arent responding ingame,look for an offer named cyndaquil579






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