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Bigger variety of decks


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Well, unfortunately I'm not in the Online beta because I always wait for the "end"-product (AKA out of beta) before I decide to buy anything (no one here plays the Pokemon TCG, so I'd only buy a booster for this game after all. Though to be honest, I'm ALSO waiting for a cheaper virtual-only option, because why pay for something extra I don't use?).






Getting to the point, am I right that we'll unlock all AI decks (with additional non-AI decks to buy, similar to Green Tornado etcetera. If I'm correct, that's a nice balance between F2P and P2P)? If so, how about letting us test them now already while online is underway (would also test if unlocking works properly)? I doubt it would stop people from buying a booster to get to use online, while in the meantime allowing those who wouldn't buy a booster anyway to see what the AI is exactly using and getting to "feel" the decks so we can better point out flaws of the AI (but yeah, I admit the real reason is I'd simply like to try give those decks a try).






If you do (or if we do unlock them in the future), please also add something that allows you to see what the AI is exactly using. As some AI seem to use decks another AI used as well (including AI using the current 3 free decks), but with some changes I bet. But that can wait until we can actually choose which cards to swap cards out and in (disliked when Bill got removed from the grass starter but Copycat even with all the Oaks stayed in, as much as the censor censoring the synonym for 'dislike'). But swapping cards would also immediately be a good thing to test.


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