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LF: Magnezone Prime and a few Staple cards before ND comes out


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Here's what I have at the moment, hopefully something catches your eye:




Houndoom Prime


Mew Prime


Electrode Prime


Absol Prime x2


Ampharos Prime






Virzion NV


Cobalion NV


Hydregion x2




Leavanny NV




Kyurem x3


Victini FA x2


Cleffa x2


Gyarados HGSS


Sheertic x2


DCL bottom piece


Metacross HGSS Triumphant


Bisharp NV




Tyrouge HGSS


Druddigon x2


Steelix UL


Lucario UL


Blastoise UL


Floatzel UL x3


Sunflora HGSS x2


Pokemon Collector x2






~Looking for~


Magnezone Prime x2


Rare Candy x2


Pokemon Catcher x3


Junk Arm




Thought it'd be worth a shot to see what I got, let me know if you think a deal could be made.


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3x Catcher


2x Candy


1x Junk arm




3x Kyurem


1x Electrode Prime




2x Kyurem


1x Mew Prime (assuming you haven't traded it off yet)


1x Electrode Prime


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I want Electrode, Mew, Kyurem, Chandelure, and Collector. I have 2 Rare Candies and a JA. Could we do my 2 Candy and Junk Arm for Mew and Electrode(if you havent traded it yet). If not, 2 Collectors, Electrode, and 2 Absols.


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