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LARRY891's Trade Thread, version 2


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Here is what I have for trade and what I want.




Note: Here is the code:


Bold is for cards I have accepted offers for on this thread and am waiting to be able to make the trade for.


<strike>Strike Through</strike> is for cards I am in the process of trading.


Italic is for cards I have currently offered elsewhere.


Underline is for my most recent acquisition(s)




1x Mamoswine (also have Swinub and Piloswine)


2x Cryogonal NV (Rare)


1x Lugia (CoL)


1x Samurott (Promo, Ability)


1x Eelektrik (also have Tynamo)


1x Net Force Reuniclus


2x Gothitelle (non-Ability)


1x Gothitelle (Ability, Reverse Foil)


1x Cofagrigus (Durable Body Ability)


1x Golurk (also have Golett)<strike>




1x Gigalith (Rock Bullet)(also have Roggenrola and Boldore)


2x Conkeldurr (non-Ability)(also have Timburr and Gurdurr)


1x Zorua (Promo)


1x Zoroark (Emerging Powers)


2x Cobalion (Emerging Powers)


1x Durant


1x Mime Jr.


1x Klinklang (Emerging Powers)(also have Klink and Klang)


5x Audino (Heal Pulse)


1x Axew (Promo)


3x Bisharp (2 Dark, 1 Steel)(also have Pawniard)<i>




2x Pokemon Communication


2x Crushing Hammer


1x Burned Tower


2x Bianca (1 Reverse Foil)


1x Professor Elm's Training Method


1x Team Rocket's Trickery


1x Xtransceiver








What I Need/Want:




2x Pokemon Catcher<b>




4x Double Colorless Energy








Cards I have that I will only trade for specific instances:<strike>




2x Rocky Helmet (for 1 pack or Pokemon Catcher each)


1x Junk Arm (only for 1 pack or 2 of the Trainers/Energies in my Want/Need list)


3x Tornadus (2x regular foil, 1x Full-Art)(each one only for 3 packs, Catcher, or 2 DCE's)




NOTE: I do not need Zweilous or Hydreigon anymore.


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My Beartic and 2x Super Rods for your Landorus?



Sure. I'll put it in my binder.





my rocky helmet for 1 pack, any pack is fine just not NV



No, you'd be giving ME packs for MY Rocky Helmet.





So you'd do a cobalion for 2 NV packs?



Already have a potential deal going with Cobalion, and I'd prefer EP packs right now. Sorry.


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what will u give me for Zweilous and Hydreigon



Tynamo, Eelektrik, Elm's Training Method and Promo Samurott?




And Matt, can I convince you to trade me some DCE's instead of Super Rods? I can give you something else as well as the Hammers if you want.




EDIT: Actually, I'm going to have to sign out now. I've got a class starting in 20 minutes. But I'll reply to everyone later.


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I'll trade my Zweilous and Hydreigon for your NV Cobalion



Are we still doing this trade? I waited for you last night to restart your computer but ya never came back :(


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