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Hey all, just posting my binder up here since trading in-system is so difficult.


Make offers, but keep in mind that dumb offers like 2 caterpie for my Cobalion, will be ignored.


If you don't get a reply, more than likely it was a dumb offer.




My Stuff


1x Fliptini (Tin Promo)


1x Victini (V-blast)


1x Cobalion NV


1x Cobalion EP (Foil)


1x Cobalion EP


1x Terrakion NV


1x Virizion EP


1x Victini (V-create)


1x Gothitelle EP (Foil)


2x Excadrill EP


1x Conkeldurr NV (Ability)




I have other rares that I don't believe are note-worthy but you're more than welcome to check out my binders and make offers.


I will post a list of things I want in a little bit, for now just offer away. (Looking more for boosters at this moment.)


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