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Electric deck for Water, Grass, or Colorless


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Hello! I just joined and the deck I ended up with is an electric deck... I'm much more fond of Water or Grass. Looking to almost do a deck for a deck, although I want to keep all the non-electric cards in my deck, as I'm rather fond of Togekiss and Blissey. Not going to be too picky, but I want a pure type for a pure type, and cards of about equal value, etc.


What I have:


  • Mareep x 4 (Basic, Common)
  • Flaaffy x 3 (Stage 1, Uncommon)
  • Ampharos x 2 (Stage 2, Rare)
  • Pikachu x 4 (Basic, Common)
  • Raichu x 3 (Stage 1, Uncommon)
  • Chinchou x 3 (Basic, Common)
  • Lanturn x 1 (Stage 1, Rare)



Generally, I want to trade each card for another of the same value and purpose, i.e. a Basic/Common for a Basic/Common, etc.


Please post what you have, and we can negotiate!


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Unfortunately the starter decks are not tradable.


Fortunately, if you win 12 games in the trainer challenge for each of the other 3 starter decks, you can unlock them for pvp play by opening them via the same method you opened the lightning starter deck.


Unfortunately those will not be tradable either.


Unfortunately, that also means that you are not able to obtain any other cards without spending money to buy code cards for booster packs. (Unless some people offer to give you free cards and then you can work your way up by trading)


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Oh, darn. :( Thanks for informing me though.


The good news is I'm fond of both the water and grass decks in the Trainer Challenge. So I'll hop to it!


I already defeated the gold cup, but I used both the water and grass decks to do it. Do I have to go through the whole thing with one deck or what?


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