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Any suggestions for this combo?


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I was thinking of this while browsing Next Destinies. I realize flipping coins isn't very welcome but I figured I'd give it a shot and try this one out:






4-2-4 Gardevoir


4-4 Darmanitan


4 Fliptini


10 Psychic Energy


4 Rainbow Energy


1x Rescue Energy


4x Cilan


4x Black Belt/Plus Power (Depending on what you guys suggest)


3x Pokemon Communication


2x Pokemon Collector (Will be switched out with rotation for whatever you guys think)


3x Rare Candy


2x Revive


The general idea is this: Set up Gardevoir as fast as possible, get out Darmanitan, and run.


In-depth: On the first turn, if you have Fliptini and Darumaka, place Fliptini as your active and Darumaka on the bench and attach the energy on Fliptini. If you have Ralts, Gardevoir, and Rare candy, set Gardevoir up. Second turn, attach another energy/Rainbow Energy on Fliptini and use Stored Power. Darumaka should have 1 fire and 1 psychic (and with Gardevoir, technically it has 3). On the third turn, evolve Darumaka if possible (if not already) and also Ralts if possible (if not already) into Gardevoir. Switch out, use DarMAXitan and when it's done, use Victory Star. Continue this until the end, attaching energies every turn. When possible, attach Rescue Energies onto each Darmanitan. This will allow for each to be ready. If a Darmanitan seems in trouble, begin loading energies onto Fliptini


Faults: Takes 3 turns to setup at minimum, flips could always land on tails, and it would take too long to setup another Darumaka when the Darmanitan is KOed. In addition, Pokemon Catchers will be the demise of this team.


I can only see this being used as a fun deck as it is not practical and could easily be eliminated by a Mewtwo EX which is the new card to be sought after. Now, as for another combo, Mewtwo EX and Gardevoir is possible, though risks, like this deck, being out weighed by another Mewtwo EX. I personally would like the Mextwo EX deck, but I was curious about this as a possible combo. I realize that on paper it isn't great because it only does 50 but if you setup Darmanitan well I figured it could do at least 100 damage with 2 heads and 200 with 4, knocking out all EX cards with one hit. This of course could easily be done for with a decked out Mewtwo EX or Regigigas if you mess up in damage. This is why I said it's not practical. Anyway, comment away.


Here is the updated version of my deck. It might seem a bit all over the place but hopefully I can clean it up by Spring/Sum 2012. Other things that I really want to add are: Pokemon Catchers, more Rescue Energy, and max Revives (Quickly setup Darmanitan)


If you could post possible alternative solutions to this, please post them. I really do need help on this deck because I want to be able to use it at some point (of course for fun).


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revives, Rescue energy, Super Rod, 1 less Candy, etc. This is actually a decent idea. Have you seen the Cincinno? You could run that too, with 4 DCE's.


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I like this deck idea. I would almost go with:


3-2-3 Gardevoir


3-2-2 Vileplume


4-4 Darmanitan


2 Fliptini


1 Cleffa




Yes it is tough to setup multiple stage 2's and then a stage one, but if you use 3 or 4 Professor Elms then it wouldn't be too difficult under trainer lock. Plus, the last thing you want is Gardevoir or Fliptini getting catchered out. You could even increase the lines a bit to maximize consistency. If you do trainer lock, though, you won't need more than 2 Fliptini since it'll be safe on the bench, 3 if you want to pretty much guarantee you never have one prized. You could even throw in a Bellossom to heal damage every turn just as an extra tech since it evolves from Gloom.


As tyranitar said, rescue energy would be huge here, since it's difficult to setup your attacker again. If you did go the Vileplume route, you'd have 3 bench sitters, which leaves you 2 bench spaces to setup Darmanitans while you have another active. Mewtwo EX would obviously work well in this deck, especially as a late game sweeper.


I think the main drawback to this deck is that if you don't knock out the opponent, you are basically dead. With a deck like VVV, when you did damage, you paralyze the opponent. This is what gives you time to set up multiple attackers. With Chandelure decks, the attacking ones at least, you were able to confuse/poison your opponent, which meant they had to retreat manually or risk a confusion hit. Not sure how difficult it would be, but I think it's definitely a good deck to try. Good luck!


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When i was looking through next desintys i saw this combo, but why don't you add a:


2-2 Exeggutor as it is fairly similar to Darmanitan but only does x40


But he can use this with only 1 psychic ( doesnt matter much unless you dont have Gardevoir out )


But his first move allows him to be good later in the game as it allows you to take 2 energy cards out of the discard pile and put them on him, powering him up massivly in 1 turn & he has 1 less retreat cost then Darmantian, so he may be something to think about.


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revives, Rescue energy, Super Rod, 1 less Candy, etc. This is actually a decent idea. Have you seen the Cincinno? You could run that too, with 4 DCE's.



I'd love to run Cincinno but I don't think I could fit that in with this deck. I am hoping to run Cincinno one day.


@VikesRule, I agree with the fact that if you don't knock out your opponent, you are dead thing... With EX's coming in, you are done for if those 4 don't all land on heads. You need a 1 shot Knock out. Anyway, thanks for the advice and I will consider it when I return (I won't start playing again on the release date but hopefully by either the end of June or possibly sooner I'll be back.).


@Tomtoo, Exeggutor might be rotated out (that's why I didn't say much about it) but the only problem is that then I would have to set up 2 different stage 2's and I figure 1 pokemon is good enough (plus, 10 damage can mean a lot in a game.)


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