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Ranking The 5 most valuable Pokemon cards!


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This post is just for reference and all of the ranking and opinions are based on my observation and trading experience!


Replies and feedbacks are welcomed~!(Be noticed that this post is ranking POKEMON cards only)




5th:Full Rayquaza & Deoxys Legend~It's incredible Poke-body allows the player to draw 2 price cards after KO! This is no doubt crazy! 150 hit damage KOs almost every lives! The only question you have to think is: How to set up?


4th:Shaymin(UL)~Practical Poke-power! People of TCG online like this card, tending to pay a high price for it.


3rd:Yanmega Prime~Although some people may say that this card's value is decreasing, I think there is still assurance in terms of value of this card. Fast-to-set-up, zero attack cost and also an ability to snipe, what can you expect more?


2nd:Pachirisu(CL)~This tiny monster doesn't have a powerful attack, but its poke-power, which allows a player to attach 2 lightning energies in one turn, makes it an excellent component in some fast decks along with Shaymin(UL)!


1st:Magnezone Prime~Surely the most valuable card in the whole game! Brutal damage, strong draw power make it the hottest pursuit for everyone. Unable to get it through trades unless you pay a very high cost!




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very reasonable list, but i think kyurem should definitely be in there with its ability to hit for huge damage with outrage and get some crazy multi-knock outs with glaciate


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