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List of combos


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This term is used when you and your opponent go back and forth in knocking out Pokemon. For example, my Zekrom KO's your Reshiram, then your Emboar KO's my Zekrom, then my Terrakion KO's your Emboar, and so on and so forth.




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I'll keep this short, with the amount of hand shuffling cards we have it really is not that hard to get all the stage 2's out. You do have to trim the deck, leave out the stage 1 steps, but it works.




Pokemon collector, Elm, Oak/Juniper, Clefa ...etc. statistically speaking you will get shuffling options and/or everything you need in you first hand.


Got the basics you need? Now use Elm, Pokemon Communication or shuffle your hand via trainer card or pokemon ability.


Got the evolutions? Pokemon Com, Collector.


Got the evolutions, but not the rare candy? Sage's training is there.


Got the candy and basics but not the evolutions and the only cards you have just shuffle? Use Juniper, discard the candy, in the next hand you're either going to get another candy or a junk arm to take the previous one out of the discard pile.




You don't even need all the trainer cards listed, I'm just throwing examples around. You can easily make a proper deck with less then half of them.


It's not hard to get all of those pokemon out, but you do actually have to use your head when playing instead of having a straightforward deck that plays itself.




As for the energy supply, it is really not a problem, Chandy is your main attacker, you need 3 energy to go there and that's it, the rest you either stack on the support, in case of retreat or on a back-up Chandelure.




So much for keeping it short; Anyhow I'm playing with statistics here, and this works. If there were limitations to benching Basics from your hand then we would have a problem, but now? Nope.


Skyarrow bridge and dark decks are a threat and a problem, Pokemon catcher and the actual setup aren't.


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Lol, I pressed "1" and then "2" to check previous posts, coming then back to "3." I checked the bottom and saw there was no "Post Body" and got worried. Anyway (back on topic), ah (@VikesRule). That doesn't sound like a fun battle... Also, I thought it meant you actually exchanged prizes... :P Anyway, thanks for posting!


{Edit} @Idon, oh! Now I see.


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