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Discard/Energy Discard deck ideas?


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I am thinking of making something other than having 4 Zekrom or Reshiram etc. I built decks that are focus on special conditions, heal and hitting opponent bench etc. I wanna try something different like a discard and/or Energy discard deck. This is probably not the online game for most of the cards I found are not available online. Here is the core I got so far...


Energy Removal x 4


Curshing Hammer x 4 (not as good as Energy Removal...)


Team Rocket's Trickery x 4 (hand discard + card draw)


Cyrus's Initiative x 4 (the best hand discard supporter card I found so far)


Murkrow x 4 with the Astonish attack


Ditto -- to limit the opponent bench


Pidgey + Pidgeotto and use the Twister attack (flip 2 coins and discard defending pokemon energy for each head). Pidgey is also useful for the Messenger attack that allow me to search for any pokemon and shuffle it into the deck. It serve as both a Pokemon Communication card as well as a switch your active Pokemon with your bench.


Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z -- the reason why I choose this is the Porygon-Z's Poke-Power which allows me to flip a coin and get a trainer card back from discard pile (get the Energy Removal use it). If I use Rare Candy then I can have the Porygon-Z sitting on bench doing one Poke-Power per Pokemon (that's why I asked the question on the other forum topic to check if I can use this ability for each of them in play).


Rainbow Energy x 4 -- for Porygon-Z's attack as well as the possibility to put pokemon with different color in it.


So, that is the core. There is room for other stuff which support the core idea. I don't know if there is any pokemon that can do energy discard or hand discard with 2 or less energies. There are plenty energy discard at 3 energies.


Is there any pokemon with Abiity, Poke Power etc that can do energy or hand discard on bench?


Any idea/comment is welcome. ^_^ I really wanna make this work.






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There is a eltric first evo of tymo and it has a ability that you can discard energies form it. You wold like a 3x magnemite for 1 zekrom.?


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Yeah it is not gonna be an easy win basically which what I have now play testing (most card are not final and will be replaced so I won't mention those yet.


VS B&W and HSS theme decks are ok actually because those pre-made theme decks are kinda slow. I got about 50% to 60% chance of winning considered that the deck is not polished at all.


VS something like Reshiphlosion or something similar with Zekrom or Kyurem it won't stand a chance at all. Actually it is kinda expected as it is not going for quicky easy win but rather like a blue deck in MTG. (too bad there is no counterspell). Seeker, Catcher and some tanker did save me ... but not enough. Need to go back to the drawing board.


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Take out Ditto. Even though he limits your opponent's bench to 4, he also requires one spot on your bench. Being otherwise useless, that's basically limiting your own bench to 4 as well. And how often does your opponent need all 5 bench slots?




Anyway, some good discard strategies are Weavile+Seeker and Sharpedo+Fliptini. Try going with them :D


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Someone I played a few weeks ago had a really cool hand disruption deck that involved the following pokemon.


Ambipom from Triumphent who has an attack which forces your opponent to discard 2 cards from their hand. The Slowking that can rearrange the top 3 cards of either players deck. Lots of Team Rocket's Trickery. The Weavile who when it evolves lets you look at your opponents hand and discard a card. Then the energy antics Smoochum just to move energy around and be generally annoying.


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I would suggest;


Mime Jr. Triumphant (throw cards into the lost zone)


Smoochum Hgss (move opponents energies around)


Judge as a supporter


durant or magmortar (deck out!)


If you can, try and use gothitelle as your main attacker because when it's active your opponent can't play trainers, but unlike vileplume you can.


Hypno hgss (make your opponent asleep)


good luck!


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