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(New to TCG) Finding Worth of certain cards


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I am trying to figure out what or where I can find how many booster packs would be good for trade of certain cards. Is there a certain link of what good trade options or how to? This is my first trading stuff on TCG Online and don't wanna overtrade or undertrade for some of my cards. Cards I am considering trading:

--Cinderace V 043/264 with Cinderace Vmax Single Strike 045/264

--Drapion V 118/196

--Melmetal V 075/078

--Slaking V 058/078

--Slaking V 077/078

--Conkeldurr V 040/078

--Medicham V 083/203

--Pikachu TG05/TG30

--Tornadus V 124/198

and possibly others just wanna know where to look for these in future so I dont have to ask again o3o please and thank you ❤️


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