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If you could have any moves as a human, what would they be?


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Make up your own moves for yourself! I'll post them here and you can battle other players. But first, rules: (Awwwww)


1. No spamming


2. No double posting


3. No godmodding moves


Example moveset:




Rant about Politics and economy


Lady Gaga substitute


Instant hamburgers


Annoy the living heck out of you






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<div>This would be my moveset:</div>

<div>Lighting (Electric equivalent of Blast burn, frenzy plant, hydro cannon, and hyperbeam)</div>

<div>Solar Punch (grass equiv of ice, fire, thunderpunch, no charge up)</div>

<div>Falcon Punch (fire attack)</div>

<div>Norris Roundhouse Kick (yeah, i went there)</div>

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