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Hunting Claw doesn't work with manaphy on the bench?


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So Lycanroc Vmax Hunting Claw states "Knock out 1 of you opponent's Pokemon in play that has 60 HP or less remaining." Manaphy states "Prevent all damage done to your Benched Pokemon by attacks from your opponent's pokemon." IDK about you all, but Hunting Claw doesn't do damage, it just knocks out. I know some people in here will say it has to damage it to knock it out according to the game, but the move doesn't state it does any damage, just knocks them out. Is this a bug or missed design? I lost a tournament match finals to this mishap. I've had Galarian Cursola with Perish Body ability knock out Galarian Obstagoon when attacked with Obstruct and they died. Same instance, different results.

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