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Concerns about the Battle Pass Rewards and Economy for Free-To-Play Players


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Hi, I was looking at the Battle Pass and Battle Pass+ rewards, and I've found them to be pretty bad. This won't be too big of an issue for those of us that can buy lots of code cards and have full collections headed into the game, but for new players and poor players/kids that can't access lots of code cards, I think if the game resembles what we've seen in the Canadian beta, it will be far too difficult for free-to-play players to build a collection.


I was wondering if the Battle Pass rewards are intentionally nerfed right now for the beta or if the rewards are also going to be this bad in the actual game after global release? When the game was first announced in the fall, for example, the Battle Pass+ for Evolving Skies said you get 50,000 credits with it, which is well short of what is available in the Brilliant Stars Battle Pass+ (or Battle Pass in general). 


In total, on the current Battle Pass, you can get a total of 1,960 credits from the Battle Pass and additional 350 credits from the Battle Pass+. For completing the entire Battle Pass with Battle Pass+ bought you can only get enough credits to buy a 1-1 line of a VMAX, which isn't a very good reward. There are a lot of spots on the Battle Pass where the sole reward is only 20 credits, which isn't even enough to buy a common card. Was this meant to be 2,000 and a couple zeros were forgotten, or did a group of game designers really decide that half of a common is a good reward? Also, on the Battle Pass+, the sole reward for 30 spots on it is only 25 gold coins for cosmetics. These aren't even enough to buy cosmetic upgrades by themselves (need 14 of these tiers unlocked to even buy a deck box), and most players won't be happy with only getting cosmetic coins as a reward for moving up a tier on the Battle Pass.


Players will also get some credits from their packs, but at only 95 Brilliant Stars packs available for completing the entire Battle Pass, with packs only having 5 cards in them, and sets being diluted with tons of junk rares, players will have a difficult time accruing much of a competitive collection from the available packs and will get almost no credits from these packs as they won't be hitting the card limits off the cards they get in these packs, outside of a few common cards. 


Please consider significantly beefing up the Battle Pass rewards. If there isn't a viable path for F2P players to gain a quality collection, no matter how much they play, then the game will be destined to fail. The release will be rocky enough with the gameplay experience downgrade from PTCGO, please don't further derail the game with a greedy economy making micro transactions (buying code cards) the only viable path towards a good competitive collection.


I've been playing the card game for more than 10 years, including PTCGO for all of those years, and from what I've seen from the beta, I am very worried that this game is being setup to fail on release and hope to see at the very least some changes to the Battle Pass before global release. Some of the gameplay and graphical issues will need more complex changes to fix and may take some time, but please fix the things that are easy like the Battle Pass before the game gets released globally so the game has a chance to succeed. 

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I personally doubt it'll stay this way for the main release but TCPi can and probably will continue to surprise me. The credits you're given post-migration are nice and all, but since the game's transitioning to bring in mobile players I can't expect that new players will survive.

It goes something like this:

Brand new account, 1000 credits in rewards before deciding if you want to send money to a game you downloaded for free (Breadcrumbs, even after paying)

-This won't even cover the staples you might need even AFTER accounting for the free ones you're given in the decks they provide.

-Meta shifts, no intrinsic value in the cards. On the old system, if I was away from the game for months I'd come back to my main deck only losing 25-40% of it's value thanks to expanded. I'd pick up the pieces and trade using the remaining value of my cards.

-Even if you happen to be one of the few that managed to collect 90%+ of all the cards on ptcgo, new releases mean you have to spend credits at *some* point to stay afloat the collector's mindset and the rewards aren't enough to stave off the credits you plundered. The deficit isn't small, either.


Part of TCGO's appeal was how you could get bored doing one thing, and move on to the next.

-Start with nothing, plan to build a gallery of cards by opening with theme decks and tournaments.

-Watching twitch streams of pack openings to snipe codes given away to viewers

-Gauging market prices and playing the arbitrage game

-Keeping track of the competitive scene in Japan to invest in undervalued cards

-Opening 20% of your profits for some classic dopamine

-Building obscure, terrible decks for fun just to sell everything in a few hours

-Chatting with traders and getting into petty (non-ToS) arguments

-**** economy


It baffles me that the blueprint for this project swept collectors under the rug and nobody gave it a second thought. The main reason people outside this 'fandom' think pokemon is still relevant is *exclusively* because of the headlines applied to collectors and their big wins over the years. The battle pass system works because of the cosmetics. This system applied it to the integrity of the game! LMAO!


>Please consider significantly beefing up the Battle Pass rewards. If there isn't a viable path for F2P players to gain a quality collection, no matter how much they play, then the game will be destined to fail.


You'd think they'd have a quant or two on their team to model equations for reward output.

If the full game is released within the next 12 weeks it will be a catastrophe. All that money you spend promoting it will yield the same profit margins as the deficit with these rewards. LMAO!




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how much would it cost to buy say 10,000 credits ? did they give a price for credit purchase ? i want to know how much money it would cost me to get a 4-4 v/vmax playset .

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It will cost 1,775 credits to get a 1-1 VMAX line at minimum rarity. 

If someone is completely new and loads a PTCGO account with the 125 unopened items to get the max transfer rewards, then they will end up with around 9,000 credits if they spend all their crystals on one battle pass + and then the rest on the 6 pack bundles in the score. 

once they spend that 9,000 credits than they’re virtually locked out of crafting if they remain F2P, so they can maybe build one deck. If someone doesn’t transfer over 125 unopened items to get the transfer conversion rewards, then they won’t really have any credits to do anything. 

This is just based off what I’ve seen from the Canadian beta. The game won’t be bad if you buy code cards and know how to game the credit system, but unless things change drastically from the beta then F2P players will mostly be locked out of crafting cards. 

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