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PTCGL Feedback


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I've been playing for a few days and here is my initial feedback. I'll be updating this thread with more as I come across them (unless you'd like multiple posts)



1. Cards in deck builder should default to a variant you have the most of. For example I don't have Boss's Order Lysandre but it's the version that shows up
2. e should be treated as both é and e when searching.
3. Scrollbars on every scrolling section
4. Close out of cards by clicking on the gameboard or just away from the card area.
5. Add easier way to set default Expanded / Standard decks. Rather then having to be in Casual.
6. Add confirmation to many of the purchase screens
7. The Forum link should take you to Pokémon TCG Live Discussion forums rather then the Play Pokémon forums.
8. Be able to click to select cards rather then having to drag on desktop.

1. Built a new deck and needed to validate it before it become valid for Standard. (when using BW Pokemon League Energies)
2. When searching my deck for basic energy, only one type showed up (when using BW Pokemon League Energies)
3. Using old Energy Cards cause deck to not validate correctly (BW Pokemon League cards)
4. Mulligans don't show all the cards
5. Arcues V / Vstar can only search for one type of energy (had this only happen once when I was using old BW Pokemon League cards)
6. Win Screen allows you sometimes to click the game field even when it's not visible

7. Can only craft 4 Energies

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I find the PTCGO Live to have some potential, but in general is it a disappointment, and I will play the old platform until forced off of it. 


1) The layout isn't friendly to the eyes. The cards are too small, especially the opponents. There is plenty of wasted space on the playing field. Not everyone has the greatest eyes, and it is frustrating having to click on the card to see all the details, whereas this was as much of a problem in the original platform. I DO prefer how the opponents card face me, but would appreciate if I could see the FULL card, and it be large enough to read, and if needed I could click on them to see in greater detail. 


2) Gameplay takes far too long. On average my games last twice as long as in the original platform. There is too much time spent with graphics that are subpar and do not add anything to to the game. Interactions between plays take too long. It adds up. If we need to grind the ladder to get cards now it would be nice if we didnt have to spend half the time watching cheese graphics. It was also nice when I was able to drag boss and drop it on a specific card, and it would move that one to active. Now there is an extra step where you play the card, then have to move that card to the box. Why not have both options available? 


3) Get rid of the silly dance when a player is victorious. It is cheesy and does not add anything other than consuming more of my time. If I wanted silly dances I would play fortnight. I want to grind the ladder and not have time wasted watching the same silly dance, over, and over again. 


4) Have an option to PURCHASE gems. Three in my family play competitively. I don't mind paying to get code cards to trade for what we need. Yes, the trade system is out of hand, but that doesn't mean you need to entirely get rid of the pay to play option, there is a middle ground too. Those who don't want to pay can grind, those who want to pay should have the option.  The goal of my kids is to train for worlds, not spend a week grinding away to get the cards they need. TAKE MY MONEY, NOT MY TIME. Easy solution, allow one to pay for for gems, or offer a $10 month subscription where you get a playset of all cards. It is win-win. Those who don't see value in paying can grind, those who want to practice for IRL have the option to do just that. 


5) The avatar is an upgrade, but it is an upgrade from 2000 graphics to 2005! There are limited options, and in 2022 I expect a touch more in the sense of quality. 

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