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The Alpha Market


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What is this?


This is the Alpha Market opperated by me and only me for everyone. Trading my cards for your cards or booster packs.


What that is, is that I'll supply you with the cards you need so you do not have to spend time looking for them yourself. I'll do all the hunting for you. Think of this as a delivery store or raincheck store where I get you all the cards you need while you pay me in packs and cards instead of real money.


What is my preference on packs?


I accept all packs, but if I can have a choice, I do prefer this order: Call Of Legends, HeartGold & SoulSilver, Emerging Powers, Unleashed, Black & White, Undaunted, Triumphant, Noble Victories packs.


Your Requests:


  • If there is a card you want that is not listed here, just ask, I may not have it, but it is just a matter of time depending on the card and how many you need. Or I could try and get them for you as long as you are willing to wait, I can usually get the cards for you within 24 hours unless you are asking for me to hunt down a ton of cards or if the particular card is in very high demand at the moment.

  • If you want more copies of what I have listed as 'in stock' go ahead and post the amount you seek, because I might be able to trade out of my deck/collection if the trade is large enough for me to make the sacrifice :P. I maybe just haven't been able to update the inventory yet, so just post what you need in total and I'll get back to you. If I have it crossed out, go ahead and place an order, I'll put you on a waitlist.

  • In the waitlists, Blue means your order is still in progress, the blue link will take you to your original order.

General information:


  • I usually ask that you put your packs in your binder and I'll make the offer for the trade because packs tend to stay in binders longer than cards. So to expedite the trading process, please put the packs in your binder and notify me to make the trades. You can notify me either by posting on here or sending me a random common with a message on the trade screen.

  • If your trade is small and I'm online, all the prices are listed below, so just put the corresponding packs in your binder and let me know via a post to make the trade. As long as the number of packs is equal to the price, the trade is fine. This will make trades go even faster if you have the packs in your binder as soon as possible.

  • I do large orders, and I welcome these very much. In fact, go ahead and send me a decklist if you want, and I'll construct a pack price for you also giving you an estimate on the amount of time it will take me to complete the deck for you.

  • Do not EVER put our trades in the public offers. Because there are often many versions of a single card such as promo and reverse holos, if the offer you made is not exactly the same as the version of cards I have, the trade will not be fulfillable by me. Secondly, if someone else accepts the trade it becomes a waste of my time and effort on hunting down the cards and keeping up with your order. So I would appreciate if you wait for me to get online. I'll be online every single day unless otherwise stated, and I'm usually online for 12-16 hours a day, so it should not be a problem to find me at all.

  • Please QUOTE your trades, quote the post that I give you the price of your trade when you have the packs in your binder, that way it will remind me of the entire trade. Every little bit helps in allowing me to be more efficient and get all the trades done for you guys faster. If I have to dig through the pages this thread gets in order to find your trade, it will take a lot of time to do for every one of you, so if all of you spend a fraction of your time to help me, that would be tons of time saved for me and thus you get your trades done faster.

Trade Backs?


As everybody knows, you can buy a card and then change your mind on wanting the card. So I will to make trade backs, which is where you may trade one of the following cards and the one I gave you before, for your old card I gave you. This list may change at anytime and is based on my lower wants.










Rare Candy




If a card has a promo and regular version art that has same attacks, which version you get will be up to what I have in stock. If you are really specific and must request for any Alt Art or Reverse Holo version, you will be charged extra upon my discretion as that means I would need to spend the extra effort and time to hunt down that specific version for you. That also means you might have to wait for me to hunt them down as well if I do not have any of that version in stock. On cards that have FA Versions, if you do not specify, I will assume you want the cheaper regular/promo version.


A few cards in stock:






















Rocky Helmet






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bunch of grass pokemon for your fliptini?


Bayleef, chikorita and a Quilava for a Catcher and Cleffa?


My V-Blast Victini for your rare candy?


how does that sound?




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In your other thread, you offered two of Shaymin/Kyurem/Thundurus/Cobalion/Virizion for my Cydaquil, Quilava, non-prime Typhlosion and Reshiram. Does the offer still stand?


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