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Eledra, new deck idea.


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This deck is called Electivire-Kingdra Prime-Mandibuzz, or Elecdra for short. It uses 3 main pokemon and a variety of others. I want this deck rated before I buy the cards I need for this (this is RL)


The List:


Pokemon: 25


1 Pichu


1 Girafarig


3-3 Electivire


3-2 Mandibuzz


3-3-2 Kingdra Prime


1-1 Zoroark


1 Cleffa


1 Zekrom


T/S/S : 20


3 Collector


2 Candy


2 Juniper


2 Junk Arm


2 Twins


1 Interviewers Questions


4 Coummication


2 Switch


1 Catcher




Energy: 15


3 Regular Nrg


2 Spc. Darkness Nrg


10 Electric Nrg.


Strategy is use Electivire to spread around damage to all enemy pokes with nrg attached for 50 damage, using mandibuzz's blindside to finish them off and pokemon damaged by Spray Splash. Cleffa is there for obivous reasons, Pichu for basics, the reason I have pichu and collector is that pichu might be donked. Zoroark is there to tech many pokes, like reshi. Zekrom is there cause it's beast and the nrg type is right. Only 2 Candy cause only 1 stage 2 line.


Please rate! This is a little rouge I know.












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i think its got pretty good potential. im currently using a mandibuzz/kingdra deck as well, but with hydragon as the big hitter/damage spreader. i think kyurem would be much better than e-vire cause i've never seen or heard of e-vire being used, let alone competitively. rest of the stuff is a bit more personal choice but i give it a thumbs up.


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This is in theroy.


E-vire can cause more damage for the same amount of energy than kyreum. I am considering adding PETM.


-The Overlord


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On paper it seems pretty good, but realistically it will stuggle against anything that only needs one energy to attack (and can therefore go without energy until its time to attack) so something like donphan prime won't get touched by it and can easily one-shot it. on the other hand there's stuff like yanmega prime or chandelure who doesn't use/need energy which it wouldn't hit. 'plasma' is a pretty good attack, doing 30 and retrieving an energy, but kyurems outrage is more effective, especially considering its 130HP. and its a basic so its much easier to play. don't get me wrong i still think electivire could do well and it certainly is a cool poke and more original since its not really played. as for the PETM i would just suggest p.com's cause theyre an item so you can still use a supporter and get them back with junk arm's, also if you need a basic you can still get one with it.


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