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Celebrations Questions


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Hi everyone, it's been a while. 


I have some questions about the new celebrations set. I opened 12 celebrations packs and sadly didn't get a base set card (although I did get umbreon gold star which i was shocked and happy at). 

From what I've noticed, The third card when opening each pack is the potential classic collection card, and I went 2 for 12 (Garchomp lvl x and umbreon gold star). The last card of each pack had potential to be a V card, and I got 7 of those (lots of duplicates lol).

Does a pull rate of 1/6 for the classic collection sound right? (not the V's or modern cards) 


What is the chance of pulling a base set card? If there's the three starter's final evolutions out of the 25 classic collection cards, would it be 3/150, or about 2%?


Thanks for any help!



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