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What are Reputation in This Forum ?


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19 minutes ago, DesolationTroop said:

And How Is It Earned ?


You gain reputation points when people "like" or "upvote" your posts. You also get a boost in reputation when/if you get the most liked content on any particular day.


21 minutes ago, DesolationTroop said:

What is Reputation On This Forum In My Profile ?


I believe the intention is to add a visual representation used to gauge peoples opinion/s. It's intended to be used as a tool to help users decide if advice - for example - should be taken i.e. "Should I take this persons advice, after all they might not know what they're talking about? Oh wait, they have a high reputation so they must know what they are talking about. Therefore I will change my deck based on their advice".


Apart from that, honestly, it's means absolutely nothing unless you're after meaningless validation from strangers on the internet.

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