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Still need cards...


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I have these:


Joltik (Stun needle) x2, Galvantula(Stun needle) x1 , Golette x3, Golurk x2, Hitmonlee x2, Machop(Mach Cross) x3, Machoke (Strength) x2, Machamp(Hundred Furious Punches) x1, Roggenrole(harden) x2, Roggenrola(reckless charge) x2, Boldore(Hard crash) x3, Gigalith(Rock bullet) x1 ,Gigalith(Power gem) x1, Timburr(Pummel) x3, Gurdurr(Pummel) x2, Conkeldurr(Swing Around) x1, Pidove(Gust) x4, Tranquill(Wing attack) x2, Unfezant(Feather Strike) x1, Rufflet x2, Braviary x1, Bianca x2, Energy Search x4,


I want:


Ursaring prime x1, Double Colorless Energy x4


I'll edit when something becomes unavailable.


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Free cards? Thanks! And sure I'll do that trade. I'll try to keep it in my binder for you, and I'll wait there



try again for teddy they disappeared in binder u took too long


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