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Not so great Shiny Pokemon?


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There are some Pokemon that don't look very different in their shiny form in terms of color that a lot of people are just not fans of. Those Pokemon include:

- Garchomp

- Gengar

- Togekiss

- Leafeon and Glaceon

- Elekid


But what about other Shiny Pokemon that kinda don't look right in your opinion? Is there a Shiny Pokemon that could look better or needs an overall change? Maybe the Shiny Pokemon was better in the previous gens before?


For ex: I am not a fan of Weavile's shiny as I don't think it suits to be a pink shiny. I really like Shiny Pokemon that are pink, but Weavile's shiny is my least favorite of the bunch. Another one that I kinda don't like is Entei's shiny. While Suicune and Raikou look like they were brightened up, Entei looks like it was burnt out, lol. I just don't think it suits well as a Shiny Pokemon.


What do you all think? I am curious if anybody has any other opinions about this because this has been on my mind for awhile, and I thought I should just let it out.

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